Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Animal Photobombers Of The Day

File these under humping and pooping.

The original: Crasher Squirrel

Crasher Seal 1

Crasher Seal 2

And a classic video photobomb...

More great moments in photobombing:

Photobombers 1

Photobombers 2 (NSFW)


  1. I'm glad that they put the arrow on the picture with the shark, I may have missed it. They should have put an arrow on the picture with the girl in the bikini, because I don't see anything else in that photo.

    The video's not showing up for me.

  2. What the hell is that ghosty phantom thing in the photo with the cops and the goat? *shivers*

  3. I really, really like "whimsical goat." He looks like he'd be fun at a party.

  4. I love the expressions of the two cats in the photo under the one of the girl in the bikini. The one in front is all "HA HA--Look at me!" The one in back is saying, "Yeah, whatever. Just take the picture already. You see what I have to put up with?" :D

    Crasher Seal 2--hahaha!

    Great list!

  5. Thanks. My favorite is the rabbit. It's like finding Waldo.

    Video fixed. Sorry 'bout that.

  6. I love these. That kangaroo video always makes me laugh!

  7. I thought it was interesting that the two dogs in the second shot color coordinated with the bridal couple.

  8. The divers and the Great White has been a favorite of mine for a long, long time. :)



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