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10 Ways Musicians Piss Off Fans

A great list/article from Spinderfella and

We've all come in contact with that drunken guy at the party (hell, perhaps you've been that drunken guy) who corners you and makes you listen to a song that's "changed his life." Because music has this ability to affect its listeners, its creators of said music are often idolized. This fan worship can often go straight to the musicians' heads, and can cause them to do things that suck.

Here are some of the things that musicians have done to cause outrage and scorn among listeners, and which, if you get right down to it, are pretty asshat things to do.


Listen, we get that crap happens, and that the odd show cancellation is unavoidable and completely understandable. But, if Kanye West can perform a show ONE WEEK after his mother died, we don't want to hear any of your hangover/laziness excuses. (I'm looking at you Justin Timberlake. Clearly, the Smirnoff Ice has, once again, proven to be too much for you.) See also: Avril Lavigne.


There's a reason that you're popular, and it's because you've written some songs that make the people's hearts sing. So, really, most of us don't care how many times you've sung that same old song, if we want to hear "Like A Virgin," then dammit Madonna (shown above), you best be playing it. See also: Radiohead - "Creep."


Thinking that you're the greatest thing since sliced bread is fine. Continually reminding anyone who will listen is not. When Noel Gallagher from Oasis said, "With every song that I write, I compare it to the Beatles. The thing is, they only got there before me. If I'd been born at the same time as John Lennon, I'd have been up there," I think we all grow a little purple with rage. See also: Kanye West, Axl Rose, P. Diddy, Brandon Flowers.


Can I just ask what the hell happened to Aerosmith? I mean, "Dream On," "Sweet Emotion," "Same Old Song and Dance"...genius. Then we get "Don't Want to Miss a Thing." What the hell is up with that? Listen - experiment with your sound, do what you got to do to mix it up a little, but don't become complete and utter wussies. How might you know if you've become wussies? When your biggest fan base switches to soccer moms and wedding singers, you just know that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. See also: Bon Jovi, Rob Thomas.


Everyone should get paid for their work, but there's no need to be obscene about it. There are some artists that charge ridiculous amounts for tickets to see them in concert (i.e. Barbara Streisand has charged $2,500 for certain shows). Hello? That's the price of an old car or a mortgage payment or two. See also: Madonna, Miley Cyrus.


If there's one thing Metallica knows how to do really well, it's raising the ire of their fans and of music lovers everywhere. Metallica is considered to be mostly responsible for the shutdown of the beloved Napster, and in fact printed out a 60,000 page document of all users sharing their songs. Lars Ulrich became the spokesperson for the RIAA, and frankly, annoyed the crap out of people everywhere. Metallica now plans to sell some of their music on the internet, but it's not really receiving a very positive response as people have long memories.

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  1. Money grabbing and being egotistical seem to go hand-in-hand, in my opinion. They start to think that they are hot stuff and then assume that they can charge any price and fans will still pay it. $2,500 for a concert ticket! Come on, nobody's music is THAT good.

  2. The Santa hearting "Jusus" ornament over there in the sidebar reminds me of a spam email I got the other day.

    It was one of those from some faraway country who was writing to me saying they knew I was a good Christian woman, and they knew they could trust me to take care of their poor departed father's riches and make sure they were donated to a proper charity, blah, blah, blah....and so on.

    Anyway, what amused me was that the subject line of the email was "Harry in the Lord." The letter was signed with a woman's name, so I think the subject was engrish that was intended to say "Happy in the Lord." That gave me a good chuckle.

  3. ha metallica once gods of rock now struggling to sell their tracks on the net

  4. OMG!! "Bargains. Imprisoning me..."

  5. What amuses me about the Metallica deal is that they became who they are/were by encouraging the bootlegging of their music.

    As far as the old songs go, I say play the old stuff, but only if you're going to play it. I once saw U2 do the most lazy-ass version of Sunday Bloody Sunday. Bono lay on stage kicking his legs like a sullen teenager on her bed. They should have skipped it.

  6. Going on a reality TV show should be added to this list--Brett Michaels, Vince Neil, Perry Farrell, Sebastian Bach etc.

    And I'm not sure if Axl Rose is so much egotistical as Batshit crazy.

  7. Great post. And it ticks me off when musicians don't play their most loved songs that made them famous and bought them their sports cars in the first place.

  8. When in a live show they play a completely different version of the song you were waiting for all night. I'm all for artistic liberties, but it's almost as if they do it in purpose to disappoint fans just because they can.

  9. Kelly, right you are. That is on the full list, too.

    Sandi -- I agree, bad example. Axl has nothing on JLo, Bono, Mariah, Madonna, John Mayer, Garth Brooks, Myrus, or even Kings Of Leon, whose heads are said to be swelling at a breakneck pace.

    Metallica? I thought their name was Metallicunt.

  10. ala metallica yeah cause stealing music online is so justifiable Metallica had to be in the wrong! Pfft guess again. It's 2011 and the majority of people now realize Metallica were in the right, just look at the pathetic sales figures of any top band or artist. Stealing is stealing, end of story.



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