Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dumbass Of The Day

From The Smoking Gun.

Facebook Is Not The Place To Brag About Your Alleged Act Of Vandalism

A Florida woman who allegedly vandalized a car owned by her beau’s former girlfriend is facing a felony rap after she went on Facebook to brag about causing the damage, which included the keying of the word “BITCH” on the vehicle.

Crystal Richardson, 23, was arrested yesterday for criminal mischief in connection with the defacement of Jennifer Thompson’s ride. According to a probable cause affidavit excerpted here, Richardson posted a series of Facebook messages crowing about damaging the 28-year-old Thompson’s car.

“O boy! I fucked her/her sht up! Think ima be in trouble,” Richardson wrote. After referring to Thompson as a “silly ass winnie ass whore bag,” Richardson noted that, “I DON’T REGRET IT,” adding, “i rather be in trouble =) that’s what BADASS GIRLS do…NEVER SAY SORRY!” In a follow-up message, Richardson reported, “I FUCKED HER CAR UP BITCH ALL DOWN THE SIDE OF IT.”

When a cop asked, “why she would post something like that on Facebook,” Richardson “stated she was stupid for doing it although she denied ever damaging the victims car.”

Richardson, pictured in the above mug shot, was released today from the Bradenton jail after posting $1000 bond. She deleted her Facebook account at some point last month.

Awesome TV Captions Of The Day

The only reason to watch local news.

Retro Toy Ad Of The Day: Tommy Burst

What? It's a toy.

October Found Porn Roundup

It's all around us; you just need a trained eye to see it, like Bozospace, Bean Counter, Evil Twin, Jon Klein, Suzy, Mr. Roboto and Amy have.

Syrup? I'd have that checked.

No coveting balls or dogs allowed in the park.

Is that Chrocs in the middle?

I'll have the Bubble Gum, thanks.

With. Not in.

Because "Kum & Bullshit For An Hour & Go" is too long a name.

For a few dollars more, the stepkids get some attention.

It certainly is, isn't it? Thanks for noticing.

...yourself a lot of trouble.

Best one in the bunch.

You handle it too much.


90 degrees. Thundercats are go.

That's plum sad.

Also, lips, hooves, tail and scrotum.

That's why they call it a joystick.


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