Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Airing It Out On Facebook

These two make a nice couple, don't they? Maybe they'll end up shooting each other, clean out the gene pool a little.

I stole this from Frank's FB page, since he nevers posts anything here anymore.

News Story Of The Day: Penis Tattoo (NSFW)

"You fucked up. You trusted us!" - National Lampoon's Animal House

From Samsmama and Metro.

(Not the tat in question but a photo was needed, so I Googled "penis tattoo" and this is what I got.)

Man 'tattoos 40cm penis on friend's back' in Australia

Alongside the penis illustration, the 21-year-old Australian tattooed an unspecified slogan implying said friend is gay.

Police say the 25-year-old victim was talked into getting a tattoo while visiting his mate, but he asked him for an oriental design and emphatically not a giant back-based phallus.

"Apparently he went round to the other bloke's house and somehow in the course of the conversation the subject of tattoos came up," explained Detective Constable Paul Malcolm.

"The victim wasn't interested at first but he was talked into it and he said he wanted a Yin and Yang symbol with some dragons."

After being told not to venture out into the sun or show anyone for a few weeks, the freshly inked chap promptly went home and unveiled the work to his flatmate, who informed him: 'I don't think it's the tattoo you were after.'

While the penis artist is due in court next month charged with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, the victim faces having his tattoo painfully removed by laser.

Vid Of The Day: Lion Hug

Then the cameraman says, "Aww, I want a hug" and walks up to the cag--CHOMP!!

From Samsmama, who stole it from OneBadMammaJamma.

Dramatic Movie Role Transformations of the Day

(Photos and copy from Woman's Day. My notes are in italics. - Bev)

Movie stars have been known to do just about anything in the pursuit of looking good, but being beautiful isn't the only motivation in an actor’s life. Some are so committed to their craft they will dramatically alter their appearance when a part calls for it. Whether they’ve had to lose a significant amount of weight or build up massive muscles to be believable, the following thespians went to extremes to nail a role.

Tom Hanks - Castaway
Hanks went from a slightly overweight businessman in the first half of the film to an emaciated castaway on a deserted Fiji island in the second—ultimately losing 55 pounds to play plane crash survivor Chuck Noland. Not only did he shed the weight in four months with a strenuous diet and exercise regimen, he wasn’t allowed to shave or cut his hair for weeks.

Jared Leto - Chapter 27
The normally buff and hunky Leto packed on the pounds to play John Lennon assassin Mark David Chapman. Rumor has it he forced himself to eat mostly unhealthy foods, including lots of ice cream, in order to gain close to 67 pounds. By the end of filming he has said it became difficult for him to even walk to the set due to the pain caused by the sudden weight gain. (All that work for such a terrible movie hardly seems worth it, but it was fun to see a fat Jared Leto walking around Hollywood wearing Crocs to ease his weight-related gout.)

Charlize Theron - Monster
The typically toned Charlize Theron beefed up for her part as prostitute and serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster. Theron is said to have eaten doughnuts to pack on 30 pounds. She also had her eyebrows completely plucked out and her hair “fried” and thinned. To alter her complexion, layers of latex were added to her face and she wore dentures over her real teeth.

Gerard Butler - 300
Butler has never been hard on the eyes, but after preparing for his role as King Leonidas in the movie 300, he reached new heights of dreaminess. The star conditioned for four months, working out with trainers Franco LiCastro and Mark Twight, who created the “300-rep Spartan workout” to get a defined six-pack and rock-hard body. The sessions would reportedly last up to six hours. (Slobber)

Renee Zellweger - Bridget Jones's Diary
Zellweger's role as a hopeless romantic in this blockbuster hit required her to go from a size 6 to 14. In fact, she did it three times total for the franchise—gaining and losing around 30 pounds for each film! For the first movie, her diet consisted of doughnuts and pizza, but that left her feeling ill, so she worked with a nutritionist on the two sequels to safely gain weight by following a controlled high-calorie diet. (She gained 30 lbs. to look like an average woman. I hope I'm not alone when I say that I think she looked better as Bridget?)

Christian Bale - The Machinist
The handsome Brit normally weighs around 185 pounds, but dropped a shocking 63 pounds to play insomniac Trevor Reznik. Bale has said he eliminated almost all foods (according to People, he subsisted on coffee, cigarettes and an apple a day) and ended up shedding over 20 pounds more than was required. (Nice work, Chris, but you and I are done professionally.)

50 Cent - Things Fall Apart
It’s hard to imagine the usually buff 50 Cent losing copious amounts of weight, but he did just that by adhering to a liquid diet. Taking on the role of a football player battling cancer for the film, he dropped 54 pounds in just nine short weeks. In addition to his regimented diet, the rapper/actor ran on a treadmill for three hours a day. (And changed his name to 25 Cent.)

Mariah Carey - Precious
The gut-wrenching film Precious had the world buzzing, but not just for the gripping story. Carey’s transformation from glam to drab for the role of social worker Mrs. Weiss was hard to miss. Not only did she go onscreen with minimal makeup, but small details, like redness under her eyes and nose and upper lip hair, were added to enhance the character’s homely appearance.

Cameron Diaz - Being John Malkovich
Barely recognizable, Diaz played Lotte Schwartz, a pet fanatic who tries out her husband’s portal to another world. There were no details in the script concerning her appearance, so she worked with director Spike Jonze to create Lotte’s look: transforming her normally blonde, straight locks into a brown, frizzy mess.

John Travolta - Hairspray
Playing the cult classic character Edna Turnblad in the movie version of the Broadway musical Hairspray, Travolta was transformed into a heavyset woman. To achieve the look, the film’s makeup department spent four hours each day covering him in padding, prosthetics, makeup and a wig. (This is otherwise known as John's "weekend look.")


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