Friday, October 22, 2010

Celebrity Gossip Of The Day

Not surprised by the first one. A little surprised by the second. From Popbitch.

A Popbitch reader writes:

"A friend of mine worked on a film with Madonna recently and described her as the second worst human being she'd ever worked with. The worst being Uma Thurman, who was apparently so vile that even her own agency referred to her as The C**t. ('The C**t's on line two' etc.)"

Vid Of The Day: Americans Get Majority Of Exercise While Drunk

From The Onion.

Study: Americans Get Majority Of Exercise While Drunk

Celebrity Muppet Lookalikes Of The Day

From Begmuffin and TMZ.

Gonzo & Adrien Brody

Sam The Eagle & Brad Garrett

Janice & Donatella Versace

Crazy Harry & Chris Robinson

Big Bird & Queen Elizabeth

Grover & Dustin "Screech" Diamond

Grog & Bruce Vilanch

Miss Piggy & Tori Spelling

Dr. Teeth & Flava Flav

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & (fat) Al Roker

Grandpa Grouch & Don Imus

Fozzy Bear & Jack Black

Forgetful Jones & Alan Jackson

Bert & Ernie & Kimmel & Corolla

Harvey Kneeslapper & Nick Nolte

The Amazing Mumford & Billy Zane

Capt. Breakfast & Brody Jenner


A late addition from The Courteous Chihuahua, who writes, "He's not a celeb, but I always thought my h.s. principal looked like Dr. Bunsen Honeydew."


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