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Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Free Concert At Guitar Center

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Free Concert at Guitar Center

Date: 2009-04-12, 6:46PM EDT

This is a special thanks to all of the guys that put on a free concert at guitar center everyday, we appreciate everything you do for our community.

Like when I go in to actually purchase something, you come sit right next to me and play your "top shelf" ibanez through any solid state monster in the store, and show me how fast you can tap.

Or like when I am asking someone a question and you stepped up to the plate and instead tell us all how incredible your band is.

Another reason I am so impressed by you guys is how you find time to come to guitar center every day when you're always out on the road touring. It's already pretty hard to sift through the wealth of knowledge available behind the counter, but when you add your countless years of experience in to the equation, there is no end.

Another way that you guys have changed my life is through my use of equipment. Over the years I've always thought that boutique pedals and custom tube configurations really contributed to my overall tone, yet you proved me wrong. Just from watching you play both measures you know from Free Bird, I learned that all I really need is a digitech floor board or a line 6 product to get the job done.

Just hearing you guys really shred on your speed metal makes me wonder why people still listen to bands like The Beatles, Coldplay or U2.

Thanks again for all you've done for me personally, you've really taught me that everything I thought I knew must be wrong, I am forever in debt to you. Because of this, I am now looking for a new drummer. Currently my drummer plays with a metronome and is way too solid and tasteful, consider him gone!

If you are one of those guys in the drum dept. that knows that fast double bass is so much more important than keeping time, you're the one for me.

So what if you don't own a drum set and therefore never practice, who needs practice when you're a prodigy?

Who cares if you came in 7th place at last years drum off, the judges were conspiring against you.

Last but not least, I am also holding auditions for a bass player. Currently my bass player plays through this stupid little ampeg 8x10 cab & head with a few vintage fender basses, and all he knows how to do is stay with the kick drum.

Who cares that he's never made a mistake, or that he could write a book on music theory, what matters is that he can't slap. If there's one thing that can make any passionately slow song sound even better, that would be slap bass.

So what if these pocket bass players like Adam Clayton are living in mansions and you're working at the mall, you know that slap bass is what's gonna bring in the big bucks. don't worry, you'll get your chance, the world won't know what hit'em.

thanks again!

QOTD: You Love It When

Complete the sentence below.

I love it when ______________ .

Be sincere, be sarcastic, doesn't matter to me--whatever tickles your twat.

Me, I love it when a plan comes together. (Got that one out of the way.)

Unseen Movie Footage Of The Day: Back To The Future

Most of you probably know that actor Eric Stoltz was the original choice to play Marty McFly in Back To The Future. They shot five weeks of footage with Stoltz before deciding he was wrong for the part and hiring Michael J. Fox instead. (Sucks for Stoltz, but hey, he got that great part in Anaconda where he spends most of the movie lying half-conscious in bed with a Bic pen sticking out of his tracheotomized throat. At least he didn't get eaten and regurgitated like poor Jon Voight.) (Links not for the squeamish.)

Anyhoo, here's a piece from the upcoming Back To The Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy (October 26) that includes a few brief scenes with Stoltz, and an explanation as to why the change was made, although it's fairly apparent when you see the footage. The talking heads are, in order, Robert Zemeckis (director/co-writer), Frank Marshall (producer) and Bob Gale (producer/co-writer). No idea who that last guy is (0:50). The stunt pilot, maybe.

Yes, I'm posting links to buy the DVD or Blu-Ray, just in case you want it (and why wouldn't you? You some kind of Commie or something?).

Angry People In Local Newspapers (Of The Day)

Just look at 'em: they're mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore. From the blog of the same name, where you'll find lots more of these and hilarious commentary to boot.

Angry couple stranded by taxi driver on snow-covered road, forced to walk 10 feet.

Woman irate over missing trees, demands explanation from area beavers

Area man envious of neighbors who have necks and drive better cars than he does.

Local business owners completely disgusted about rising rent and poorly composed group photo

Ugly woman more angry about being poor

Enraged streetwalker nearly blinded by ketchup, but considers self lucky after friend blinded by science.

Outraged woman outraged over outrageous survey questions

Incensed man can't open fists after masturbating with Gorilla Glue; wankman's compensation claim denied.

Flummoxed man wonders what causes flooding, suspects water may be involved.

Legally blind senior furious that iPad stops working after he runs it through dishwasher.

Alcoholic angry over bar closing

Woman upset after realizing most people have a tooth there.


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