Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vid Of The Day: The Other Social Network Trailer

From Funny Or Die.

New Favorite Store of the Day: Regretsy

I'm sure you're familiar with Etsy stores, where people sell their handmade crafts and services online. Have you heard of Regretsy? They call it a fail blog of crafts, "where DIY meets WTF." WTF, indeed. - Bev

Because what kid doesn't want to trick or treat while dressed as a Cup O' Noodles?

Oh, what a lovely... rosary? It doesn't look like green lady parts at all.

Excuse me, ma'am? I think you have a cat turd stuck to your sweater.

A perfect gift for that new big brother or sister!

This monkey baby is simply... breathtaking.

Oops, I tie-dyed my shorts. No, really.

Ugh, how tacky! Seriously, that couch is hideous.

Ya' know what I'd like? A hat that looks like roadkill. Yeah, that would be awesome.

Winnie the Poonani, from Wendy in VA.

Lots more here.

Vid Of The Day: Peter Pan

The dress rehearsal was flawless.

Reminds me of this song. Or this one. Or even this one.

Hilariously Bad Police Sketches Of The Day

I urge all citizens to be on the lookout for...

Mr. Spock

Enik the Sleestak


The bass player in Blue Oyster Cult

Randolph Hitler

Chewbacca in Ray-Bans

One of those Quizno's rat thingies

Someone looking for a comb

Vagina head guy

Steve Buscemi

Steve Martin eating flat noodles. Poorly.


Kid Rock

Pablo from Pablo Cruise

Hunter S. Thompson

The love child of Karl Rove and Moby

John Leguizamo on meth

George Harrison with false teeth

Fat Tom Hanks, preparing for his upcoming role in I'll Take That Bet, You Son Of A Bitch, 'Cuz I'm The Best That's Ever Been: The Charlie Daniels Story on the Hallmark Channel.

Bing Crosby

Oliver Platt

Vanilla Ice

Mike Ditka's kid

Adam Carolla

The Colon-Head Bandit


Martin Lawrence

Anyone at all


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