Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rejected Postage Stamp Series Of The Day

The USPS made Elvis stamps, so why not these? A Photoshop contest from

The Gastric Bypass Collection

The STD Series

Husbands of Liz: A Collection

Apocalypse: The Collection

Legends Of Drag

The Computer Kama Sutra Series

The Mass Murderers Collection

Legends of Porn

South Park Series

Famous Aliens

Illegal Drugs
(to help you be sure you're buying the right stuff)

The Great American Fast Food Collection
(these stamps should be fatter)

Faces Of Evil


Vid Of The Day: Steve Jobs Apologizes For iPhone 4

Lame ending but amusing nonetheless. From

QOTD: Bucket List

What are three things on yours?

Don't be shy now.

Photoshops Of The Day: Watermelon Cooler

In Tuesday's post about the rolling watermelon cooler, I challenged Daisy to come up with some of her wacky Photoshop creations for this ridiculous product. She did, and explains each one below.

Ham for Cary

Rolling hair dryer, great when you're running late

Who wants some Jiffy Pop?!

Global warming?

Premise for Toy Story 4: the story of Buzzpop, the love child of Buzz Lightyear and Ms. Poppity-Pop push toy.

Feel free to create your own.


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