Tuesday, May 11, 2010

April Mugshot Lineup

Insult to injury. It's what we do best here at LOTD.

Nice going, ya blockhead.

His body swallowed up his neck, now it's going after his head.

Not Reenie, it turns out.

The booking process now includes making arrestees watch "2 Girls, 1 Cup."

Somebody's been to Merle Norman.

They call him Felt Tip.

Nice mustache, but where's your nose?

When Cabbage Patch dolls go bad. (Thanks, Lefty)

How much you wanna bet his nickname is Turtle? (Pic from Paul D.)

That whole night was one big blur to Cornelius.

Missing Link found! News at 10.

When Molly Ringwald stresses, her eyebrows pay the price.

Who wants butt sex?

Guess who gets to mop the jail floor every night?

Would you like fries or rings with that?

This one was arrested for assaulting an officer. What'd she do, run over his foot?

Sorry, honey, an ice pack won't do a thing for ugly.

Who wants pancakes?

David Crosby, working on liver number three. (Pic from Rockman)

Then put it back in 'cause don't nobody want that shit.

Scan Of The Day: 1977 Braves

One for the sports fans and long-time Atlantans.

I found this in an old box last weekend and it brought back such vivid memories. We went to Braves games all the time when I was a kid. The team sucked so tickets were cheap and good seats were always available. I saw Hank Aaron go deep, Chief Noc-A-Homa dance (we called him Pop-A-Bona), and Gene Garber end Pete Rose's 44-game hitting streak. I also saw two guys get in a fistfight in the men's room and one them end up in the nasty trough urinal.

Most of these players didn't have long careers, but I remember their names like it was yesterday. We'd wait outside the clubhouse exit after the game to get autographs. Some would stop and sign, others would walk right by like you weren't there, which was odd because there weren't more than 4-5 of us waiting.

One time I went to a game my Little League team and we sat directly above the visiting team's bullpen, which was on the field back then -- they all were. A pitcher was warming up and we all started yelling at him to throw us a baseball.

"Give us a ball! We want a ball!" we yelled, and kept yelling because he was ignoring us. This probably went on for 2-3 annoying minutes until finally, he stopped throwing and looked up at us.

"Give us a ball!" someone shouted. The pitcher smiled and grabbed his crotch. We howled, and he resumed his warmup.

Not the kind of ball we wanted, but whatever.

On a side note, I often wished my name were Biff Pocoroba. What a name.

Vids Of The Day: Stripper FAIL (NSFW-ish)

A few ladies who need a new hobby. Some are painful to watch. One is a commercial.

From Mandy, who says, "Stay off the pole if you can't do it right!"

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Igloo

best of craigslist > ann arbor >

Spacious Studio Igloo

Date: 2010-03-01, 8:10PM EST

Looking for a renter for a 70 square foot igloo (4' x 5' entrance tunnel, 4' radius living area.) An excellent choice for EMU art students as it is located right next to the Ford Building on Eastern's campus.

Quiet neighborhood consisting mostly of squirrels.

Heat, plumbing and electric not provided. Water included (must be melted by occupant.) Includes hole in roof for bonfires to prevent asphyxiation.

Neighborhood security provided free by campus police.

$200 a month OBO.

*Landlord not responsible for property melting.

  • dogs are OK - wooof
  • Location: EMU / Ypsilanti


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