Wednesday, April 28, 2010

8 Signs That He's A Lousy Lay (Of The Day)

Cheesy peen. Nice. A funny from The Frisky.

2. He’s Super Wasted: Have you ever met Mr. Whiskey Dick? He’s less fun than his cousin, Mr. Just Can’t Come, because at least JCC stays hard and gives you something to play with. WD just lies there like a wet noodle.

5. He Always Interrupts You: A guy who interrupts, doesn’t let you finish a complete sentence, or doesn’t seem to be listening at all to what you are saying will suck in bed without question. Why? Because he clearly doesn’t give a crap about whether you’re having a good time and what your interests and desires are, all of which will translate into the sack.

8. He Smells: Be it his breath or his body odor, a funky-smelling, fully clothed man is an even funkier smelling unclothed man. I don’t know about you, but halitosis and cheesy peen don’t make me wet and not being wet makes sex sucky. So, yeah.

Got any others?

(See the rest at
The Frisky)

Movie Trailer Of The Day: Sunshine Cleaning

Watched this the other night on Starz. Liked it. It's a comedy but has some nice dramatic moments, too. Worth a rental if you like smaller, understated movies.

Vid Of The Day: Gwyneth Punched In Face?

I wish.

From The Onion.

Awesome Assorted Kenny Kreations Of The Day

So I'm getting the impression that Kenny Rogers is a popular guy among... somebody. I don't get it. And I'm from the South, where most of this shit was no doubt kreated.

You've seen some of the Kenny velvet on my velvet paintings post. Some pics (and the idea) from Maxim.

Kenny jacket. A must-have. Look at that Kenny stare. No one will dare sneak up on you.

Kenny on velvet. Post-stroke.

Kenny serving bowl. Holds two full cups of suck. Or Chex Mix.

Kenny poker game with chickens instead of dogs. You got to know when to bluff 'em, know when to stuff 'em, know when to fry 'em deep, and know when to broil.

Kenny coffee tumbler. Love will turn you around. If not, have more coffee.

Kenny (?) drawring -- the Bloated Years.

Kenny notebook/journal/sketchpad. "Dear Diary, why does Grandma keep buying me shit from Goodwill?"

Kenny velvet #2

Easy opening for that denim jacket or tailgating tent!

Kenny greeting card. "Don't be afraid to have your face stuck on every goddamn thing under the sun."

Kenny watercolor

"Kenny As The Gambler" cufflinks. Perfect for that black-tie affair or poker night.

Fat Kenny on velvet

Kenny zip pouch. "Hmm," he's thinking, "What the fuck did I do to deserve this?"

Kenny guitar. Play it right -- Kenny's watching.

Kenny painting. Not sure if it's velvet, but Kenny's jacket is.

Kenny drawring #2

Kenny wax figure

Kenny t-shirt, modeled by someone who called his 1-900 sex line.

Kenny velvet #whatever. I lost count.

Not enough Kenny for ya? Check out 26 Dudes Who Look Like Kenny Rogers.

Commercial Of The Day: William Lawson's

After all that, the Scots should've just pulled out pistols and shot the guys, Indiana-Jones style. Which they did in a way.


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