Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Classic Movie Clip Of The Day: Do Her

God I love this movie.

5 Imaginary Movies Based On Childhood Games (Of The Day)


Hollywood's latest retro craze is board games, what with Ridley Scott directing an alternate dimension Monopoly movie and Peter Berg helming a Battleship flick about aliens. But what if other directors made game movies?

5.) Darren Aronofsky's Pac-Man

Paranormal noir

Guillaume Homme-Pac is a mentally-ill pensioner who lives in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. He is a recluse and only leaves the apartment to purchase anti-psychotic medication which he hoards using a number of forged prescriptions. He consumes near toxic amounts of these pills nightly, for every evening he is visited by four mysterious ghosts - Arnaud, Patrice, Benoît, and Clyde - who chase Monsieur Homme-Pac through the diseased labyrinths of his own mind. Although the medication keeps the apparitions at bay, it is eroding Homme-Pac's health and sanity.

Monsieur Homme-Pac's ex-wife Josette lives down the hallway from him. She still loves and cares for Guillaume, but his delusions placed an insurmountable strain on their marriage. Madame Homme-Pac is never seen without her trademark vermilion Givenchy beret. Josette supplies her husband with the prescriptions, but she hates herself for doing so. Unbeknownst to Guillaume, she too is haunted by four ghosts - Inès, Paulette, Babette, and Sue.


Guillaume Homme-Pac: Jean Reno
Josette Homme-Pac: Sophie Marceau
Clyde: Flea

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Vid Of The Day: Pageant Host

FAIL. Or FALL. Or both.

Vid Of The Day: Zorro Cat

Meaningless, yet amusing.

Busted On A Bad Hair Day

Hair so bad, it's criminal.

Combover? No way. I was totally fooled.

Uncle Cal sporting the 1930s flapper 'do

All her plans just blew up in her face

Hair is the least of this thing's problems

He reminds me of the bunny with a pancake on its head

Ronald McDonald's evil twin, Donald

Wait! Wait! Can I get a comb?

Take your passion and make it happen, Flashdance

Son, you got a panty on your head

I've heard of a weave but never a basket weave

This one is more like a bad head day

Blondes have more fun. In jail.

Not where the landing strip usually goes, but ok

Toofus McGoo

If you put him in a bathtub, all the water would jump out

Those curlers will make all the difference

They're always after me Lucky Charms!

Jesus, who the fuck cut your hair, Jesus?

If I were this guy I'd call I bet he could fit two of their logos on his forehead.

I can't grow hair up there, so I'll grow a shitload down here


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