Wednesday, March 24, 2010

News Story Of The Day: Mugged

Cut to: four thieves sharing one bag of Cheetos and a Dr. Pepper and arguing over who got more sips.

From Harmony, who writes, "Not sure if I'm demented, but I found this funny."

Marysville man mugged for snacks

A 20-year-old Marysville man was mugged on the street late Monday — for a bag of Cheetos and some Dr. Pepper, police said.

The incident at 12th and B streets was reported at 10:48 p.m. from Rideout Memorial Hospital, where the victim went for treatment of his injuries. He told officers he was walking north on B Street when the four muggers came up behind him, punched him in the head and took his snacks, said Marysville police Sgt. John Osbourn.

The victim's injuries included a facial laceration caused by a small "ring knife" worn on a finger to open boxes, Osbourn said.

WTF?! Commercial Of The Day: ICI (video)

Well this is a bit disconcerting. Do they want to sell clothes or not, cuz they just freaked everybody the fuck out. The word trousers alone makes me shiver, and the dude's porno 'stache didn't help, either. I need a shower.

I think this was filmed on the Planet Of The Apes set.

From Steve Hatchett, who wears an ascot every single day.

Vid Of The Day: Stouffer's

From The Onion.

Unfortunate Gravestones Of The Day

Mocked in life. Mocked in death.

See ya

What the.....?

No, not OK

Sorry for your loss, Loss

Yep, that'll kill ya

The death of Funk

I hope that's not what killed her

Do you know Jakshitz? He died.

It's gotta be here somewhere

The poor Dumfart is dead

So long, Fucker

A real stiffy


And left them to her husband

At least they got a Proper burial

Oh yes

Dead dead

All good things must end

Killed in an unfortunate steamroller accident

That's why we bury 'em

Death is the worst

Not anymore

Not anymore

Yes, zees ees trouble indeed

There was a wee man,
Who had a wee wife,
They had two wee children,
And a long wee life.

Recently retired

Nah, I'm more of a....

And out

Born a Loser, died a Loser.


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