Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 5 Stages Of A Job

Workplace (or lack thereof) humor from See the rest here.

Commercial Of The Day (video): Orbit

Stinky McStinkface.

From OneBadMammaJamma.

Photo Of The Day: Golden Globes

Hence the name. And when did shoulder pads come back in style? I hated those even in the 80s.

Worst Women's Tattoos Of The Day (NSFW)

I guess $10 doesn't go quite as far as it used to.


That's one limber unicorn. Must be Pokey's kid.

I miss my old dead iPod, too, but I doubt it's in heaven.

Some are "Stop," some are "Two-Way Traffic"

That tat was only 3" tall before she got knocked up.

Is that three cars or one car stretched across three fat rolls?

Q: How do you know when you're too old for My Little Pony?
A: You have to cover your breast to show the tattoo.

Kansas basketball. She couldn't just buy a t-shirt?

When you're done, please kill the entire cast of "Two And A Half Men"

In my dreams there are no panties.

I never could win at Life, either. But I got over it.

She asked for Dragon Ball. She got dragon balls. Big ones.

That makes sense

The ever-popular "Elf and Naked Woman Collect Leaves Under A Cat Sun" tattoo.

I've heard of guys naming their hands, but never women.

Something for guys to read while they're doggin' her

I "beleive" you should ask for a refund.

I guess she expects to be pregnant a lot in the coming years

Funny, my power-up button is somewhere else.

I believe you.

Classic TV Show Open Of The Day

I've been to Chicago. It's not that windy.

I have never watched this show. I was in college when it came out and had better things to do. "Hmm, should I stay home and watch Perfect Strangers, or go out drinking with my friends and maybe get laid?" Not a tough choice, really.


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