Thursday, December 16, 2010

WTF?! Christmas Decorations Of The Day

You suck at teh Christmas.

Category 1: Next Year, Don't Even Bother

2) You Missed A Spot

The rooftop nativity is a nice touch

Syprograph Christmas

And they put their name on it

3) Huh?

Frosty The Snowhead

Pease on erth

Santa bagged an 8-point buck and two Mickeys at this year's hunt

Ten bucks says Louisiana

I didn't realize Bethlehem was near the North Pole

Grinch Goatse

The final countdown

So many kids were naughty this year, Santa came heavy

5) Win!


  1. I didn't do quite as much as those in Category 1, but I'm told that I tied for third in my neighborhood's Xmas lights contest. (They only announced the first and second place winners.)

    It's good to see that goatse is being kept alive.

    I only count seven bucks on that Louisiana sled.

  2. Wow, hard to know where to start! The one with the heads of the decapitated deer leading the plywood/lawnmower sleigh stands out as one of the worst ones, but it really is hard to choose with so many candidates in the running.

  3. Whatever you do, do not google Goatse. I made that mistake with this post last year. Thanks for that image forever etched in my brain Cary.

  4. I didn't even decorate enough this year to qualify for Category 1!

    Frank, I think the 8th buck would probably be a gator, if it's Louisiana.

    I'd like to have drinks with the "Ditto" neighbors. I bet they are big fun at parties.

    I wonder what these electric bills run? I think you can see some of those houses from space!

  5. Anon, I recall issuing a warning not to Google goatse unless you were prepared for the consequences. You have only yourself to blame.

    At least I didn't send you to Tubgirl.

  6. I must confess I am a Grinch and last night I spent half an hour helping a friend set up a small Christmas village on a table wondering why people bother to do this. I only have a dollar tree store bought Merry Christmas Penguin mat placed on my front door because the same friend kept bitching about me not using her gifts. I'll submit a pic for next year's list.

  7. I'm definitely a category 1 this year. No outdoor lights, no tree, just a wreath on the front door.

    But my neighbors more than make up for it with their displays. It's bright enough that I don't need to turn on our hall lights to see in the middle of the night. We don't pay utilities, so they leave everything lit until the sun comes up.

  8. Cary once sent me to tub girl. HORRIFYING.

    Each night on my way home I pass a house that looks just like one of the "You missed a spot" places. I always think of Clark W. Griswold's face as he gazes at his totally bedazzled house. Love it!

  9. My kids keep fussing because I haven't put up a tree yet (being pregnant with twins I dont' feel like climbing into the attic) Finally I took an official "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree and put it on the dining room table, right by my Christmas Story leg lamp, and told them that was the only decorations I was doing this year.

  10. Goatse and tubgirl...happy holidays to me.

    We took Sam to see this one last week:

  11. Gotta admit, the tree in the DiMeglio setup was pretty cool. If they'd stopped with that it'd been perfect. WTF with the blue beast? Even the photo of it hurts my eyes.

    Cary, I'll email you a pic of my favoritest holiday decoration ever, if I can find it. I snuck out at night and took a photo of it in the neighbor's lawn. I used it as my Christmas card the year I got divorced. yeah, it was that good.

  12. Last year you posted a link for the definition for goatse. I remember that because I had to look it up.
    The tree in photo 2 - just as well they fenced that muther off. People will be so tempted to nick it.

  13. Being from Louisiana (even though I don't really blend much here), I can say there is a 90% chance that the sleigh is from here. These people love them some huntin' and displayin' the heads of those terrifying animals that they stalked, rassled down and killed with their bare hands (or however the less sporting like to do it).
    Can't figure out if some of those overkill 9000 houses would be the shit or a nightmare on some of the harsher mindbenders on the menu out there. And as always, thanks for the goatse reference - I'm going to try not to stumble across whatever the tubgirl thing is. My unsee button is on the fritz.

  14. Dear sweet Jesus. Goatse I've seen, so I knew better, but curiousity got the better of me on tubgirl. Holy mother of God, I will be in therapy forever. Why didn't I wait until I finished my pizza before clicking on it? I will NEVER stop throwing up.

  15. At least you weren't eating soup, Melissa.

  16. I was supposed to be studying. I looked like I was studying. Anybody who saw me knew they should leave me alone and do the dishes themselves because I was working so hard on my paper.

    And then I saw Santa pissin' off the roof. Thanks a lot, LOTD. ;)

    Seriously, I do like visiting the streets where all the houses go all out. There's one a block or so from my parents in Orange County, and when we visit my aunt in Vegas, there's one near hers, and it's always a weird sort of holiday tradition to go play looky-loos.

    We were part of the "why bother" crowd for so long that we stopped bothering. But to annoy the neighbors we put lots of lanterns out on Buddha's Birthday.

  17. WAIT!! THAT ONE BEAR IS LEVITATING!! It's in the beery mooey lamby-samby I-don't-know-f***-all photo of the guy and gal in red sweats (boy, people really dress up for these "special holiday photos", don't they? Wonderful!

  18. I'd heard of goatse. I googled tubgirl (thanks for that), but what horrified me most was Samsmama's video of Mike Babik's xmas hell made me shit myself. At about :36, when Santa and Rudolph lean out the window.

    Some of those things behind glass make me think of the redlight district in Amsterdam.



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