Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vid Of The Day: Drunkest Santa Ever

I hope he's not driving his sleigh tonight. Don't quit before the best part (last 45 secs).

From Nicolle.


  1. Wow! That guy is 3-7 sheets to the wind (whatever the hell that means). I'd say it was faked, but if it were fake, the car alarm would go off when santa took that header.

  2. That bumper dive made me cringe. Can't imagine the headache he ended up with.

    I love that he takes such care to make sure his hat is on, even making it a bigger priority than pulling his pants up.

  3. Ah, well, nothing says Christmas quite like seeing Santa whizzing in a parking garage.

  4. I thought it was fake, too, until the bumper dive.

    Drunk? To me, it looks like there's a lot of crack involved.

  5. Wow, this really gets me in the spirit! Now where's my hat??

  6. Oh joy. I just saw Santa's ass. If LOTD hadn't already scarred me for life, that would.



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