Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November Mugshot Roundup

All of them framed, I'm sure.

She must be asking for her one phone call.

I like your mustache. No, the other one.

I love druuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs.

Pop goes the weasel.

I tried to outrun the cops and all I got was this lousy beating.

Add a face mask to that helmet and she could play linebacker.

All he needed for Halloween was a pitchfork and horns.

Don't fret, Blondie, Dagwood is on his way to bail you out.

That's about to change, my friend.

Arrested for failure to not be a total douche

The love child of Jamie Foxx and Hilary Swank.

Just got caught.

If that zit pops, you might lose the other eye, too.

...in my freezer.

How are those anger management classes coming along?

You have something in your teeth. No, other side. Over one. That's it, right there.

On the bright side, he can carry his bowling ball and keep his hands free.

You shaved your head for that?


  1. Isn't #3 on "Flight of the Conchords"? I also think #10 is from one of the deleted scenes from "16 Candles".

  2. I'm finding the side bar especially funny today. I love the comment about keeping scissors away, the motivational poster, and the found porn. As much as I enjoyed today's posts, the side bar is what had me cracking up.

  3. I cannot get over being creeped out by Caved In Head Guy! However, it was enjoyable the day he was on the sidebar...I told my husband "you have to look at the Mugshot of the Day". I knew he'd looked when I heard him gag.

    LMAO at Love Child!

  4. Seriously, how does a brain fit inside that caved in head? Oh.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the one who has to take pictures of these folks. A few of them scare me enough just looking at them here (anger management guy and pitchfork guy, for example)without actually seeing them in person. Great captions, C! :)

  6. I think there must be something seriously wrong with me because bowling-ball-head guy makes me crave chips and dip.

    Blondie looks like the guy that heads our local Special Education Department. I always suspected he had a secret life.

  7. Um, WOW, RGR!!!!! Pitchfork Guy looks like he smells awful. Not sure why, he just does.....

  8. JMO but the guy with the caved in head is not funny. He's got to have had a pretty serious brain injury to look like that.



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