Friday, December 3, 2010

Icky Thing That Washed Ashore Of The Day

This video has a few things going for it.

a) It's kinda gross.
2. It involves questionable use of the scientific method.
iii. It's undoubtedly fake.
IV. It kinda turns me on at one point.



  1. I saw one of those in the display case at VooDoo Donuts in Portland.

    I believe there were japanese guys ooooing and ahhhing, drooling on the glass. When they ordered coffee and a room, I left.

  2. It seems very Japanese to have sex with things that wash up on the beach. That's where Godzuki came from.

  3. Lefty, I'm almost (but not quite) afraid to ask at what point you were kind of turned on.

  4. I found their use of scientific method quite amusing.
    Poke it with a stick--see what happens.
    Flip it over--see what happens.
    Pour pop on it--see what happens.

    Those two guys kind of remind me of when my sons were about 10 and 5 years old, and they found a snapping turtle in our yard. They didn't get squirted on, but when the turtle snapped their poking stick in two, they ran away pretty fast just like these two guys. :D

  5. RGR, I'm going to keep that a secret.

  6. Is it weird that I'm pretty sure that I know the exact moment when Lefty got turned on?

    Two observations:

    - Universal rule: pouring liquid on it will either turn it on or piss it off.

    - I coulda told you it would be a squirter.

  7. That's not weird. Is it weird that I'm heading to the beach?

  8. What on earth IS that!?

  9. It WAS my new mistress until it exploded.

  10. Being Japanese, they probably ate it, even though it blowed up real good.

  11. Lefty said...

    It WAS my new mistress until it exploded.

    Look at it this way lefty, at least you found out now, rather than during your first time together. I imagine that'd be really embarrassing.

  12. Wouldn't be the first time, won't be the last.



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