Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The 30 Most Important Cats of 2010

List and captions from Buzzfeed. I've included just a few highlights; you can see the whole list here.

-Heidi Renée

Air-Suckling Cat: Would that all of us were so unfazed by the lamentable absence of teats in our immediate vicinity.

Pervert Cat: It is not a cat's lot to be restrained by the dual shackles of decorum and inhibition. It is a cat's lot to stare, when staring is enjoined. To act, when action is required. And to appreciate the gifts that God has given.

Cat Lassie: Running for help in a crisis is both the charitable and the practical thing to do. But is it art? Cat Lassie thinks not.

Robert Cattinson: Twilight enthusiasts like to talk about something called "The Jacob Team" and "The Edward Team" - which you won't understand if you are not a gonzo Twilight fan like I am. But the point of all this is that regardless of which swamp monster you align yourself with, pretty much everybody is Team Robert Cattinson. That is the point of all this, I think.

Hidden Kitten: Sometimes there's nothing for it but to bury yourself in a large pile of moving fur and hope for the best.

Catman: Catman never asked for our love and approval. He merely went about the quiet business of making the world a better, safer place, with one leg raised proudly behind his fuzzy little head.

Cat On A Cat: A cat is a cat is a cat. But a cat on a cat is something else. Something wonderful.

OMG Cat: OMG cat has since recovered from his dislocated jaw, but our lives will never be the same.

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  1. I love hidden kitten--very cute and such a peaceful little guy. Cat on a cat is cool too! :)

  2. "Cat on a cat" cat looks very much like one of my cats. Same coloring, just as fat, but different spot pattern.



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