Monday, December 6, 2010

Bizarre Fortune Cookies Of The Day

Funnies from Kelli T.

Have you been talking to my wife?

There go my afternoon plans.

Ok, so if I do not follow the instructions, which are not to follow them, I then should follow them, right? But if I do so, then I'm back to not following them, aren't I? I'm so confused.

Welcome to El Paso.

At least I'm not emotional.

... two or three women telling him what to do and how to do it.

Sponsored by Jell-O.

Is that you, Dad?

Yes, please walk all over me.

Wink wink


Yes I am.


  1. I've gotten a few of these before. Really.

    Currently in my desk, awaiting scannage:


    "Cooperation will work better."

  2. And here I've been making squares with my mints all this time. I knew I was doing something wrong. :-)

  3. My daughter got one over the weekend that said, "Do not seek the treasure." Wow, who knew Chinese bakers were fans of the Coen brothers?

    "Life is not a struggle. It's a wiggle." That one made me giggle.

  4. We rarely ever get fortunes any more. It's all stupid sayings and wisdom and crap. Never trust a cookie.



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