Wednesday, December 1, 2010

80s Music Vid Of The Day: Burning

This clip is so full of win, you should watch it through one of those eclipse viewers so the awesomeness doesn't burn your retinas.

Kudos to Survivor for following up "Eye Of The Tiger" with something completely different that sounds nothing at all like that song.

A few things to note in this fine video:

0:24 - Talia chews up the scenery with her tremendous range.

1:01 - Symbolic phallus = macho Rocky is here to cock-slap Russia into submission.

1:17 - "Bloated capitalist pig. I used to fuck guys like you in the Gulag."

1:21 - Rocky's beard cleverly indicates that time has passed. His jacket tells us there is a Timberland store nearby.

1:42: "Oh yeah, this cracka's dead meat."

1:48 - The Passion Of The Rocky

2:20 - Whodafuck invited Paulie?

2:26 - More range. Her eyes speak volumes.

2:58 - "To Lee Fook's, Number One Son. Quickly!"

3:38 - "I must break you."


  1. FFS MGM & Sony have to block Canucks from viewing this video? Bite me. :/

  2. WOW! Serious 80s flashback. I may have to break out the spandex and Candies!

    I guess they couldn't afford real gym equipment in Soviet Russia. (But then again, Rocky did beat some hanging meat in the first movie.)

    Oh, and I'm adding the move at 2:45 to my workout. NOT!

  3. Canucks don't understand ****AMERICA!!!!****. Nothing is more American than Rocky, therefore, no video, Canada.

    I like how the video removes any urge to see the full movie. The whole damn thing has been boiled down to the good bits. A little emotional draw-in, a training montage, and the big finish. Much better than the whole thing, and without all the monosyllabic grunting.

  4. "Timberland Store" HA! :D

    This clip is so amazing, I think it belongs here.

  5. Hang on a tick. Rocky has a robot?!! WTF?!!



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