Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30 Biggest Tech Flops Of The Decade (link)

The bane of early adopters. From

Is standalone really a word?

3Com Ergo Audrey (2000-2001)

Named for Audrey Hepburn, the 3Com Ergo Audrey was an Internet appliance that made its debut in October 2000. According to Wikipedia, it could access the Internet, send and receive e-mail, play audio and video, and synchronize with up to two Palm OS-based devices. Planned to be the first in a long line of Ergo devices, the product was discontinued in the middle of the dot-com bust in June 2001.

The standalone DVD recorder (1999-?)

A lot of people thought the standalone DVD recorder was the second coming of the VCR, but it didn't turn out that way. The DVD recorder was never that user-friendly, and digital DVRs from cable and satellite companies (along with Tivo) made them less compelling. Also, the real DVD-burning action was taking place in the computer room, not the living room. That's still the case today, as the standalone DVD recorder market has dried up in the U.S.

(See Aibo, Gizmondo, DataPlay, Dreamcast, SPOT watches, and the rest at CNet.)


  1. I love my stand-alone DVR player/recorder. It has a HDD in it so I can rip things from TV (or VCR or DVD) then burn them to DVD. If it dies I will be very very sad!

  2. Oh, wow! I forgot all about the Kin! That was a blip.

    I have a Tivo with a DVD burner built in. Works great and the interface is pretty good!

  3. One of the thing I loved about VCRs was the ability to pop in a tape and record whatever stupid thing was on. Yes, you can do that with whatever DVR box you've got (ours is some Comcast POS). But then what? I can't get any of the crap I record off of the DVR (or at least I don't know how to) and onto Youtube (or whatever). I love the idea of a DVD recorder.

  4. Everything technical is outdated so quickly anymore that I'm slow to purchase the newest "cool" thing. I generally wait until the dust settles and see what stands the test of time. I miss out on some things that way, but save money in the long run.

  5. The dust never settles in technology, Daisy.

  6. Just on top of my entertainment center.

  7. Yeah, my pals that don't have Directv but love Friday Night Lights don't scoff at my "flop" standalone DVD recorder TOO much!

  8. Like liz tee, I like my DVD recorder. Well, I liked it until they made the switch to digital and the analog tuner inside the Panasonic device was rendered obsolete (hooking it up to one of the converter boxes, which died within a year, removed the ability to program more than one channel for recording).

  9. We have a DVD player/recorder and it ROCKS. We have a stack of recorded DVDs that we bought from Comcast on demand for $5 rather than paying $20+ for a DVD. The pirate in me thinks that's grrrrrrr-eat, mateys!



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