Monday, December 6, 2010

10 Widely Believed Video Game Urban Legends Of The Day

I guess I'm not a true gamer. I've played a lot of these games but never heard of any of these myths. From (the copy is theirs).

Growing up, in the days before the internet answered all our questions, video game urban legends flew around from kid to kid like a virus. Before there was any real way to verify whether these things were actually true, we had to take the word of our friend who “swears his cousin could do it.”


It was rumored that there was a secret in the initial level of N64’s Goldeneye. Head to the final dam area, grab a sniper rifle, peer across the lake and there would be a secret base that somehow you could access. The rumors ranged that on that base were secret enemies and hidden weapons, the likes of which you couldn’t find anywhere in the game.

The base was there alright, it was visible as plain as day. But the getting there part? Not going to happen. Turns out the base was a different section of the level at one point, but it was cut from the game and programmers just left the code in a spot that was inaccessible.

But enter Gameshark, which allowed players to travel to the mysterious location where they would find…nothing. No glorious weapons, nor fearsome enemies, just an abandoned base that was much more mysterious from far away.


The tale said that if you were in a lumber mill in the middle of the map at exactly midnight, you would hear the revving engine of Leatherface’s chainsaw (or Bigfoot), and if you waited long enough, he would come out of the woods and kill you.

It seemed plausible--the chainsaw was in the game, so why wouldn’t Rockstar put that easter egg in?

I parked my car at 12:00 AM, hopped out and listened. It was raining, and I ran around the camp trying to hear this mystical chainsaw. As I headed back to my car, I heard it--the humming engine of what had to be Leatherface coming to kill me. A minute passed. Then five, then ten. Nothing happened. The sound I had heard was my own car's engine.

Leatherface (and Bigfoot) weren’t in the game, and only appeared through PC mods later on, as seen above.

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  1. Awwww. I was hoping for the easter egg from Atari's Adventure, or at least something I've played.

  2. I'm not a gamer at all, but my sons and their friends are. One day here not too long ago, there was apparently cause for great celebration and hoopla among them. One of them had somehow stumbled upon a glitch in whatever game they were playing, and they suddenly leaped ahead a multitude of levels and points or whatever in a way that had never happened before. You'd have thought somebody won the lottery the way they were carrying on. It was quite funny. When the game finally ended, though, unfortunately, they couldn't recreate whatever it was they did to get back to where the glitch was. They certainly tried. :D

  3. I clearly left my gaming days behind in 1983.

    Not an urban legend, but my friend told me to stare at the end screen of Space Invaders because a UFO would land and two aliens would jump out and put a flag in the ground and go back into the UFO and fly away.

    I stared for about 15 minutes. Nothing.

    Of course, the minute I got up to get a can of Grape Crush, she yelled to me that the UFO landed. When I got back to the TV, it was gone. "Guess you missed it."

    Lying bitch.



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