Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vintage Photographs of the Day: Square America

I found an interesting site called Square America which contains a large collection of vintage photographs. These photographs are part of a larger work called This Is My Country, called "An Epic Survey, Rendered In Photographs, Home Movies, Audio Recordings, And Other Assorted Ephemera, Of Everyday Life In These United States And Of The Ways And Customs Of The American People c.1900-c.1976 (A Work In Progress)."

The pictures at the site range from funny to serious, heart-warming to bizarre. I picked out a few of the pictures that I thought were funny and added some captions to them below.

If you have any captions of your own that you'd like to add for any of these, let's hear them. Come on, make me laugh. ~posted by Daisy

There's no birthday party for us here. Liar.

What are you waiting for? These butts aren't gonna f**k themselves!
(not Daisy's caption and I don't think she'd want you thinking it is- C.)

When Bertha and her friends said they were going bobbing for wieners,
all of the men jumped out of the pool.

A young Sloth (back) and two of his friends who are
obviously quite "close." (NTTAWWT)

Daisy, Laura, and Heidi Renee decided to make a bold fashion
statement on their girls' day out golfing trip.

Half a beer and Fritzi's already going for Earl's pants. Such a floozy.

When Sara saw herself in the mirror wearing her mother's wig,
she scared herself so bad she was frozen in place.

Edwin's first "thrift store Christmas," but not his last.

Men with hats, not to be confused with Men Without Hats.

Excuse us, do you know where we might be able to purchase
some--I think they call it reefer?--for our party?

Every other family on the block played ring toss in the back yard,
but Jimmy's dad thought kid toss was more fun.

What a fashion faux pas!! Everyone knows you shouldn't
wear a grey belt with black shoes!


  1. Nice! Is it just me, or were people a lot uglier back then? Weird.

  2. Agreed, Bev. Young and old, this is a tough group to look at.

    That first picture is just plain creepy. Like some sort of awful "Old Ladies of the Corn" movie. And Edwin. Poor Edwin. Looks like a young Sling Blade.

  3. If I heard that women were bobbing for weiners, I'd be jumping into the pool, not out.

  4. They all look the same when they're underwater.

  5. The first one looks like my great aunties in the cane fields.

  6. Wow. The pictures are wow. Great captions, Daisy!

  7. I thought "Edwin" seemed borderline creepy in his obvious enthusiasm over a toy truck and a pinball bowling game.

    Describing him as a young Sling Blade seems about right, Smama. :-)

  8. That first pic made me think about that old "Kids In The Hall" sketch, "Thirty Helens agree".

    And on a sidenote, that little pinball bowing game? I have it on high authority that you can take the thrower off of that and use it as an improvised weapon. I heard...

  9. Cam, I was thinking the same thing, but thought nobody would know what the eff I was talking about. I'm here to tell you; I know what the eff you're talking about.

  10. HA, "bold fashion statement"! These pics are hilarious...and very disturbing! :D

  11. We really need to hire a caddy the next time we go golfing.

  12. Laura, we were stylin,' weren't we! Heidi, good idea. I hope we can find one who has an outfit that matches ours. :-D



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