Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unfortunate Family Pet Photos Of The Day

Poor animals. Right about now they're all wishing they'd been left at the shelter and euthanized.

I made a half-hearted attempt at some captions, but I'm on a deadline today, so feel free to supply your own.

Most from (you might have seen their URL somewhere). Others from Urlesque and Flickr.

The cats' expressions say it all.

This guy masturbates 11 times a day and makes the poor cat watch every time.

"She does things your mum won't."

Check out the dog. He knows a lightning bolt is milliseconds away.

Do you mind? We're kinda busy here.

That's the only pussy Joe Mantegna here is interested in.

I hope TLC doesn't see this. They'll make a TV show out of it.

She seems comfortable in that pose. Hmm, I wonder why.

Roger's best friend. And, if times get tough, dinner.

What, no goats?


  1. HEY!!!! Once upon a time when you last ran the Masturbates 11 times a day guy, you said the guy was me!

    I masturbate 23 times a day, but I can't do it if the cat's watching me... judging.

  2. Lightning bolt dog's expression is perfect, haha!

  3. It's pictures like this that make me love the Internet.

  4. 23 times a day? Good for you!

    Is it wrong that I think that dog is cuter than that baby? I mean, even if it's wrong it doesn't change my opinion, I was just curious.

  5. There is some chaffing (sorry if anyone hates that word).

  6. Why is the asian baby wearing a Christmas tree skirt?

    The family with the white dogs are obviously OCD. "The dogs must be white, 1, 2, 3, the pants must be khaki, 4, 5, 6, the shirts must be dark blue, 7, 8, 9 . . . "

    I was the Easter Bunny once at a mall. I had to hold cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, screaming babies, and ill-mannered children. I'd take cats any day over the kids. And the perverts.

  7. Smama, I agree, the dog is cuter, but the baby doesn't have to worry about being eaten.

  8. RGR, I think I just realized I'm a furvert.

  9. WTF are these people thinking and WTF are those people doing with all those monkeys? I can only imagine WTF their house smells like.
    On the other hand, the shit-throwing fights on Thursdays are probably hilarious, not to mention the pissing contests.

  10. Monkeys are evil. Nasty creatures. Hate them.

  11. In the last photo, are we sure that there's a bunny in that picture?

  12. Sure looks like one! A big one. Or perhaps a beaver.

  13. Dude... picture #2 I think that cat is dead.

  14. It's easy to see that the cats in the first picture are already plotting their revenge (and who could blame them!). Someday when they least expect it, those two people are going to get a payback, and it won't be pretty.

    The TLC monkey TV show--HA HA HA! YES! Indeed. :D

  15. WTF is that lady on the right in the last pic holding?!

  16. I like the one of the bearded guy and his bird. Takes a pair to have that pic done, and I bet the bird was a wise-cracking barrel of laughs.

    People have very weird attachments to their pets. I've had pets I really cared about...but man. I dated a guy who was in love with his basset hound. Not just strongly enamoured, but genuinely in love. Got out that relationship fast, I can tell you...

  17. You can love your pet, just don't *love* your pet.

    I thought the animal on the right in the last picture was a guinea pig, or something of that variety.

  18. Yup, it's a guinea pig.
    My cousin used to have one. It had long, white fur so she named it Snowball.
    One day, another relative went over with their family dog. After everybody let their guard down and relaxed a little, the dog, a German Shepherd, must have sneaked into my cousin's bedroom and came out holding a bloody Snowball in its mouth. I'll never forget the screams coming from my cousin's mouth, almost as piercing as the noises coming out of Snowball's. Good times, eh?

  19. What a lovely childhood memory. I hope someone took pictures.

  20. hehe. no pictures. memory is better because pictures have no sound.
    I guess it could be captioned though...
    "Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!! SNoooooowbaaaaaallllllll"!!!

  21. LOL @ Smama!

    A bloody Snowball sounds like a reason to see a urologist to me.

  22. I'm really glad the cats in the first picture are so large and fluffy. Really, really glad.

    The second guy's name is Lance. I'm sure of it.

    Wow, T-Ro, I bet you're looking forward to Thanksgiving with the family, huh?

  23. These are hysterical! The first one...oy! If I ever decide to pose naked with my cat, for a photo, I hope someone shoots me.

    Okay, I'm totally going to hell for saying this, but I don't care anymore: not only is the dog a lot cuter than the baby, but the baby bears a strong resemblance to those monkeys in the photo above.

    And the 2nd guy looks suspiciously like Will Ferrell, but with a white 'fro.

  24. So many comment I could make - but I can't see through the tears of laughter to type them. I'll just say, Is that Will Ferrel in #2 photo? and is it the same cat in photos #1 and #5?

  25. Can't..stop..laughing...
    The guy with the prize-winning cat looks so much like my dad at first glance. Coincidentally, my dad always looked a lot like Joe Mantegna and was even in a few movies with him. People would always mistake him for Joe so your comment really nailed it. My dad is also insanely obsessed with his cat (named Pal) and will compare him to my kids. (ie: I will tell him that my daughter got a good report card and he will say, "Oh, yeah...well Pal climbed up on my lap and meowed in face for supper. Isn't he smart?")

  26. That giant fat orange cat in the top picture looks a lot like our rescue cat, Ginger. We dont know her background...I think I just figured out the root of some of her behavioral issues,( and why she seems to run every time my husband comes near her.)

  27. that poor pink poodle looks embarrassed, I really can't blame her.



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