Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fly Art Of The Day

Not fly like MC Hammer, fly like dead insects. Someone has too much time on their hands. And a fly problem. They must live in the Amityville Horror house.

Funnies from Jill B.


  1. What? No hurdles for the racing flies? :)

    I really underestimated the comedic potential of dead flies.

  2. Yes, when I think "fly" I think MC Hammer.

    Those are very clever. Disgusting, but clever. And brave.

  3. I think that these are probably very good - but I'm so disgusted by flies I couldn't really look for very long. Ugh.

  4. Creative work, albeit rather gross. It seems like they could have used dried kidney beans or beads or something else besides germ-covered dead flies and still made their art. The flies do make it funny, though. :D

  5. That last picture is pure fiction. There'd be at at least twice as many dead girl flies waiting to use the crapper than there'd be dead boy ones.

    Everybody knows dead boy flies just duck behind some place convenient and go there.

  6. I find these morbidly fascinating and hilarious! :D And Cam is right, boy flies would never bother standing in a line when there is a perfectly good back alley close by. ;)

  7. I just remedied my house fly issue. I wish I had seen these before I thoughtlessly disposed of their little fly corpses.



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