Monday, November 22, 2010

13 Movie Tricks Revealed (Of The Day)

Missing limbs. Exploding heads. Drug use. Sex. How do they make it so real? The Daily Beast explains.

Paul Rudd - I Love You, Man

Peter Klaven, the effete, air bass-slapping, Rush-loving, groom-to-be played by Paul Rudd, is initially a hopeless cause. Friendless, he goes on a frantic search to find a best man for his wedding to Zooey (Rashida Jones). Before finding his bromantic partner/best man in Sydney Fife (Jason Segel), Peter, at his wife’s behest, pays a trip to her girlfriend Denise’s home to have a boy’s night out with her husband, Barry (Jon Favreau), and his pals. Klaven soon finds himself wrapped up in a game of “boat racing,” where two teams of three line up across from one another and chug a stein of beer against the opponent facing them, one after the other. After Peter beats Barry, sealing his team’s victory, he taunts him, and then proceeds to vomit Exorcist-style all over Barry. In order to create the projectile vomit scene, they outfitted Rudd with a high-pressure, air-charged vomit projector, according to the film’s DVD extras. There were two pressure tanks–one with vomit, made from cans of Hearty Tomato Progresso soup, and one with air, which allowed the vomit to project out. The result is, according to director John Hamburg, “the greatest vomit scene in the history of cinema.”

Armie Hammer - The Social Network

“I’m 6’5, 220, and there’s two of me,” exclaims statuesque Harvard/future Olympian rower-cum-Internet entrepreneur Tyler Winklevoss in David Fincher’s The Social Network. He, along with his identical twin brother, Cameron and pal Divya Narenda claim that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) stole their idea for a social networking site, and effectively serve as Zuckerberg’s nemesis in the film. Both twins appear to be played by Armie Hammer onscreen, but creating this effect required some serious CGI trickery. For shots that included both twins at the same time, in-demand model Josh Pence, who has a similar build to Hammer, stood in for the second twin, Fincher told Entertainment Weekly. Hammer later went into a studio, where he strapped his head into a harness, and filmed the other twin’s face and voice, which was then digitally superimposed over Pence’s face in the film. “I said, “Look, if you agree to do this, all the over-the-shoulders are going to be you, you gotta learn all the lines, you gotta be there for every shoot day,’” recalls Fincher, “‘And when push comes to shove, I’m gonna lop your head off and put Armie’s head on you.”

William H. Macy and Maria Bello - The Cooler

This touching story of a despondent casino employee (William H. Macy) who falls for a hooker with a heart of gold (Maria Bello), was initially too hot for censors; the film was branded with an NC-17 rating by the MPAA for a tender love scene where the viewer catches a fleeting glimpse of Maria Bello’s pubic hair as Macy performs oral sex on her, followed by some wild, headboard-banging sex. To shoot the controversial scene in question, “you need actors who are game for getting naked physically and emotionally on screen and you need to reward the trust they put in you as a filmmaker with giving them the space to perform these moments,” said director Wayne Kramer in an interview with The Daily Beast. The trio were by themselves in a hotel room on a closed set, and, “with an assist from Mr. Jack Daniels,” according to Kramer, shot the scene. Macy and Bello “had the standard privacy patches”–double-sided sticky tape, like a Band-Aid to cover their genital areas–but Kramer said, “I don’t think they used them (much) or at all. We were doing a lot of full frontal and they would have been visible in the shots.” Kramer added, “I think you either need to commit to doing these scenes in an authentic, naturalistic way or don’t do them at all.” And, Kramer added, “We were all laughing hysterically after each take–and I think the playfulness of the actors can be felt on screen.”

See the rest at The Daily Beast (some clips NSFW)


  1. Cool stuff! Movie makers have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to accomplish what they do.

    That vomit scene was rather nasty. I'm so lucky it just happens to be lunch time here too! :D

  2. That vomit scene is truly a thing of beauty! It's just so realistic and surprising.

    They did a great job of creating the twins in The Social Network. If I hadn't known it was one guy I don't think I would have guessed by watching the movie. It was seamless.

    I haven't seen The Cooler, but that description doesn't really make me want to.... If it were anyone other than William Macy, maybe!

  3. What in the world is going on with the mugshot of the day guy? I just about threw up.

  4. The Cooler is a great movie.
    Wm Macy
    Maria Bello (often naked)
    Alec Baldwin (not naked, thank god)
    Las Vegas

    It's a bit dark, though.

  5. Vickie, watch that first clip. That should help.

  6. Vickie - imagine how he feels!

    Too bad he's not Atlas. He could carry the world on his head and have his hands free for other things, kinda like those women in Africa.

  7. How to simulate sex in a movie: actually have sex. That's what it sounded like to me, anyway! hahaha

  8. I still stand by Detroit Rock City as having the best vomit scene ever.

  9. Jess, they've done it that way too in some movies!

  10. Just watched the clip from The Cooler and actually, it's pretty f*&king hot, even with William H. Macy.

    Even so, I have issues with movie sex scenes. I'm not a prude... it's hard to explain.

    The rest of the effects list is very cool. I knew how they did some of these, but not most. Some movies I actually refuse to look at behind the scenes stuff because I'd rather preserve the magic.

    I'm such a dweeb. ;)

  11. Melissa said...

    Even so, I have issues with movie sex scenes. I'm not a prude... it's hard to explain.

    Yeah, surprisingly not a big fan of sex scenes in movies myself. Not for prudish reasons or anything, but it always seems like I pick a movie with a notorious sex or full frontal nudity when I'm watching with family or something.

    I still hear about the time I rented "Monster's Ball" and had to watch Hallie Berry ride Billy Bob Thornton's hog with two of my aunts and uncles on New Years.

  12. Monster's Ball? Dang, Cam! What porn will you and the fam be watching for Thanksgiving?

  13. Cam, I've SO been there!

    I once watched the movie Rush (about undercover cops who become heroin addicts) with my grandmother. The scene where he bends her over the bed and nails her? AWKWARD! Thank goodness (?) grandma's mind was already slipping.

    Speaking of Maria Bello, I warned my friend Kerry about the very graphic stairwell boning scene in A History Of Violence, but she didn't listen and watched it with her in-laws. D'oh! :D

  14. The Coens say they don't put sex scenes in their movies because sex scenes bore them. I'm inclined to agree. They rarely advance the story and often bring it to a grinding halt.

    A shower scene in the women's locker room or prison, on the other hand, adds magic to any film.

  15. I think Maria Bello gets naked in every movie she does. Not that I am complaining.

  16. I don't watch any movies with my in-laws. EVER. Not since we watched a nature show about amoebas and paramecium and my father-in-law (who is completely captivated by programs like that) exclaimed, "It is hard to believe that is a living, breathing, orgasm!"

  17. You can see exactly where MSOTD's medical insurance company stopped payments.

  18. "I think Maria Bello gets naked in every movie she does."

    Right? Exhibitionist.

  19. RGR - I love it! In his defense, I may have never witnessed one before. ;)



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