Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Favorite Store of the Day: Regretsy

I'm sure you're familiar with Etsy stores, where people sell their handmade crafts and services online. Have you heard of Regretsy? They call it a fail blog of crafts, "where DIY meets WTF." WTF, indeed. - Bev

Because what kid doesn't want to trick or treat while dressed as a Cup O' Noodles?

Oh, what a lovely... rosary? It doesn't look like green lady parts at all.

Excuse me, ma'am? I think you have a cat turd stuck to your sweater.

A perfect gift for that new big brother or sister!

This monkey baby is simply... breathtaking.

Oops, I tie-dyed my shorts. No, really.

Ugh, how tacky! Seriously, that couch is hideous.

Ya' know what I'd like? A hat that looks like roadkill. Yeah, that would be awesome.

Winnie the Poonani, from Wendy in VA.

Lots more here.


  1. These are so bad! I'm not sure what's the worst - the crocheted baby and boob set or the "scrumbled cloche". And that pin - with my 3 cats, I could make a killing off the hairballs they yack up - just sprinkle in some beads or glitter and you're ready to go! (If it's fresh enough, no glue or pin needed...)

  2. In one of my "natural childbirth" books - the woman's genitalia is referred to as the "Yoni" - which makes it all the more weird that a rosary would have a p*$$y on it to begin with.

  3. Wow..Winnie the poonani bear is the creepiest thing I've ever seen! I gotta go bleach my brain now :(

  4. I'd like a Winnie the Poonani and a penis cushion. No particular reason why. *whistles*

    That poor kid in the halloween costume. I feel so badly for kids that are deprived of meat. Seriously.

  5. Don't be silly, Smama. Just look at how much little the Bean Sprout enjoys his costume! That face says it all.

  6. The face says "constipated." Coincidentally, the most disgusting diaper I've ever changed in my life was from a little veggie kid. When gagging and telling her mother about it "bean sprout" was how I described it.

  7. You can't beat meat.

    Great post, Bevers

  8. I'm left wondering how adding tassels to the penis cushions is going to "class them up," but I really don't think I want to know the answer.

  9. If you'ze gots ta wonder, you isn't classy.

  10. Cary said...

    You can't beat meat.

    Lefty said...

    I beg to differ, Cary.

    Yes lefty, we've all seen the movie you've been circulating around.

  11. Comments? Compliments? I'm fishing here.

  12. Actually, on my knitting board, someone posted a link for a crocheted doll of a woman giving birth. That's right...it has all the parts, including giant nipples and prodigious use of black Fun Fur.

    You can see it here: http://tinyurl.com/339ck7r

    Just make sure you're not eatin' nothing when you click, although it wouldn't be the first time someone's had to wipe the screen clean because of me...

  13. Siress, that was seriously freaky. Whatever happened to people who crocheted afghans and hats and scarves and such. Yikes!

  14. Siress - prodigious is right. Holy crap, what a thicket.

  15. Wow! Does she make... how do I put this... Larger, 'datable' versions for lonely wool enthusiasts? If so, does she accept PayPal?

  16. Not sure lefty, but I'm certain you could ask. As Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take!

  17. Lefty said...

    Comments? Compliments? I'm fishing here.

    Well lefty the beginning and middle dragged a little bit to be honest, but that surprise ending twist? That came out of nowhere.

  18. "I choose the amulets and the stones and the amulets tell me where to go." Judging from the outcome, the amulets told her where to go alright.

    The Sunshine Girl shorts and the Veggie costume are both grounds for child abuse.

  19. That baby monkey's "fur" looks like my hairy husband after he's just stepped out of the shower.



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