Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The 7 Most Baffling Products Released By Famous Brands

From Cracked.com.


The Street: A place where life can be bought with a handful of bullets. The only way to live is to live hard, and your rep is your only shield. Street-cred is the difference between standing your ground and laying dead in the street. And what says both that you are not a man to be fucked with--and that you understand black culture because you have lived the life--better than children's cereal?

Kellogg's "Under the Hood" urban wear lets everybody know that this hood is Tony the Tiger's turf, and if you step up you're likely to get a cap Snap, Crackle and Popped in your ass.

Though you undoubtedly look tough in your Honey Smacks low-riders, perhaps emblazoning the words "Dig'em" across your ass-cheeks sends the wrong message, suggesting less that you're a "hard-ass, big-ballin' gangsta" and more that you're, well... no, that's pretty apt, actually.

And that's not one isolated product and an unfortunate photo shoot: They really went full-bore trying to convince wannabe thugs to replace the gun and pot leaf patches on their ass with colorful parrots and suggestions that they like to be "frosted:"

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  1. Oh my gosh these are funny. I liked the perfume ones too. Who wants to smell like a Whopper? HA HA!

  2. Good one, Frank!

    The BK body spray should have "Have her your way!" on the label. It couldn't hurt. I think "Bacon" perfume has potential, though.

    Gerber might have had better luck with their "Singles" line if they hadn't packaged them in baby food jars. Ick.

    You'd have to be real careful which cereal slogans you plastered across your ass-cheeks. "Kid tested. Mother approved" and you might not see the action you hoped for. Or "Bet you can't eat three!"

  3. Finally! A way to improve my street cred! Now I'm down wit da hippety-hop! Yay!



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