Friday, May 21, 2010

Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress Uses Of The Day

Kevin's wife left him -- and left behind her wedding dress. Now he's coming up with 101 ways to use it. Funny stuff from My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress (where you can see more of these).

Oil pan

Pasta strainer

Sporting event banner

Shoe cleaner


Dog toy



  1. She's gonna be pissed!

    Wait... what?


  2. Good for Kevin!

    It fell upon me to pack up all of my ex's belongings, and let's just say I got a little creative. Wonder if he ever found his Fry Daddy. With oil intact. Or if he's noticed that my BFF developed sticky fingers while loading up his albums. Oh well.

  3. I have a friend who did something terrible with her ex's belongings. She stuck them in a box with a beef heart and coated the whole mess in Anal Ease™.

    When he got the box (shipped US Postal ground from SD to CA), it was attracting flies and was cause for concern.

    He never opened it.

  4. Hahaha! "What's in the box? What's in the box?"

  5. Not everyone gets Gweneth's head in a box via USPS, right?

  6. I can't imagine why she left him. I mean he seems like such a fun guy!

  7. HAHAHAHA! Love the scarecrow!

  8. Boy, if they ever make up and get back together she's gonna be sooooo mad.

    The only "getting stuff back from an ex" story I have is when my high school girlfriend "helpfully" slid my two favorite CD's into my locker at school.

    Piece by piece.

  9. Love it. I guess she didn't have any use for it anymore. She is probably cringing now.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  10. The Darth Vader helmet on the scarecrow was a nice touch.

  11. Maybe her head is inside the Vader helmet.

    Did anyone think to check?

  12. This will never happen to me because I sold my dress.

  13. I'm with Rich Girl Red. Not that his creativity isn't funny, but unless it was an heirloom or her "dream dress" or something, I can't imagine the dress she wore the day she married this jokester holds much sentimental meaning for her either.

    My own wedding dress is out in the garage. The cleaners my mom took it to after our wedding put it in this box decorated to look like a giant gold book that says "Your Wedding Gown" on the spine, and then you open the front cover and you can see the bejeweled bodice through an oval plastic window. SO cheesy. It's collecting a lot of dust out there. I guess I should donate it but it's hard to imagine anyone would want it!

  14. Obv she didn't care since she left the thing behind. This is just a catharsis for him, I think. And a clever way to try to get a book deal.

  15. When I left Colorado in 2005, I "gifted" the leavee with a large percentage of my biggest, oldest, and most worn furniture (what wasn't worth keeping, selling, or donating) so he'd have to cope with something for a change. Saved me shipping charges. Because I'm a giver.

  16. @ MtnMama

    I don't know Mama, unless what you left behind was stuffed full of rancid dog shit most guys wouldn't really care what the furniture looks like.

    I still remember the first time I had a real live girl in my first bachelor pad. The poor thing thought someone had broken in and vandalized the place. And if I'd only had enough guile to play along, I might have gotten some pity sex out of the deal.



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