Monday, May 3, 2010

Best Fair Fried Foods Of The Day

I love the state fair for two reasons:

1) Mullets

2) Food

It's hard to resist the corn dogs, funnel cakes and caramel apples (with nuts), even even when you know you'll end up sicker than Templeton the rat, ready to hork your guts out on the Tempest, which is exactly what two drunk women did at the Griffin (GA) Fair one time when I was a kid. Every time the ride tilted our way, my sister and I had to lift our feet to avoid the vomit cascading our way. Then the car would tilt the other way and off went the vomit, then back, then away, then back. That was fun.

Speaking of vomit, check out this nasty shit. I might try the bacon, but that's it. Okay, maybe the Krispy Kreme thing, but only one bite.

From LVGurl and

Hot Beef Sundae

(Iowa State Fair)

Touted as comfort food at its finest, the hot beef sundae is a generous helping of buttery mashed potatoes surrounded by slow-roasted roast beef and gravy, sprinkled with Cheddar cheese, and garnished with a cherry tomato. It may look like a sundae, but this baby is all Sunday dinner.

Pizza Cones

(Indiana State Fair)

This tidy, highly portable riff on the pizza slice consists of a cone-shaped pizza crust filled with cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and Red Gold® tomato sauce, all baked in an oven. And just like an ice cream cone, the cheesy treat comes wrapped in its own paper sleeve for on-the-go handheld ease.

Chicken Fried Bacon

(Texas State Fair)

This ode to bacon won the award for Best Taste at the 2008 Big Tex Choice Awards. Creator Glen Kusak had been a fair vendor for 12 years running, but 2008 marked his first year entering the annual State Fair of Texas food contest.

Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich

(California State Fair)

Who said Californians eat only healthy food? This artery-clogger features a fried chicken patty topped with Swiss cheese all tucked inside a sliced Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut. To enhance the sweet-and-savory effect, the sandwich is served with a side of Smucker's honey sauce.

Fried Coca-Cola

(Texas State Fair)

Hold on to your hats, folks. Beverages have entered the deep-fried-delicacy ring. (We were scratching our heads, too.) Fried Coke is actually Coca-Cola-flavored batter that's been deep-fried and garnished with Coca-Cola syrup, whipped cream, and cinnamon-sugar. Abel Gonzales Jr. won Most Creative for this concoction at the 2006 State Fair of Texas.

Spaghetti and Meatball on a Stick

(Minnesota State Fair)

Ever the innovators of food on a stick, this year fair vendors will offer more than 60 varieties. Spaghetti and meatball on a stick begins with a mash-up of meatball mix and cooked spaghetti. The mixture is formed into balls, dipped in garlic batter, deep-fried, and finished with marinara sauce.

(See the rest at Delish)


  1. I absolutely love fried Twinkies. Thank God they only come around once a year. At this year's Strawberry Festival I tried deep fried butter. And lived to tell about it.

  2. Deep fried battered oreos - OMG the best thing you have EVER tasted. They dip them in the batter from the funnel cakes. They are ooey gooey greatness! But one is rich enough for me! mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Call me crazy but I would love to try all of this. I love weird fair food. I know that would they come to town my kids and I spend big money on the food. Last year at the Italian festival we went 2 days in a row and probably spent close to $100. I know sad, right?

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  4. Spaghetti and meatball on a stick is AMAZING. Although I'm partial to deep-fried candy bars on a stick. So artery clogging. So delicious.

  5. My all time faavorite is the greasy itallian sausage link sandwich with loads of grilled peppers and onions. You have to eat it while standing in a stoop forwards or you get this orangish red grease dripping all over your hands and face and leaving these giant bloody looking grease stains on your shirt.

  6. It is difficult to get me to Walmart, let alone the fair. I see one as an extension of the other. If I could go in a plastic bubble I might be tempted to try some of this, but more likely I'd fashion a machete out of a crumbling grandstand and go crazy-ape-bonkers on the whole inbred crowd.

    I know my limitations. It's best I avoid Walmart and the fair and stay out of prison for my family's sake.

  7. I wanna go to a state fair with Lefty.

  8. I work at the Georgia Renaissance Festival and you'd be shocked at what people can fry and put on a stick... Fried macaroni & cheese on a stick, key lime pie on a stick, steak on a stake, fried pickles (which are amazing), we also have the chicken friend bacon and... the piece de resistance... FRIED COCA-COLA.

    How do they do that???????

  9. I grew up in a town too small for such fun delights. The Bourbon County fair had corn dogs and sno-cones. I'd like me some fried Coca-Cola, and I love friend pickles (Hooters has them). Guess I'll have to haul to the LA or Ventura County Fair this year.

  10. I tried the Chicken Fried Bacon at the State Fair of Texas and it really wasn't half bad. It came with either honey mustard or ranch to dip. Haven't tried the fried coke yet.

  11. The beef sundae vaguely reminds me of a dish apparently quite popular in Ky where I grew up. I'd never heard of it until recently -- perhaps my parents were protecting me from it.

    It's called Hot Brown. I hear that it's delicious, but from the description, I'm betting it gets its name from the aftermath.

  12. Lefty, will you be my Wal-Mart buddy? I would rather have a hot coffee enema than go to Wal-Mart. As for the Fair, I have wonderful childhood memories but as an adult, not so much.

    LOL Suzanne at the Hot Brown! It's actually a good sandwich--never had the aftermath from it (thank goodness).

  13. Ok, Suzanne's comment is hilarious!

    Now, I was looking at that hot beef sundae and had a flurry of thoughts that I must share:

    1. That looks disgusting! Who would eat that shit?

    2. I'd prefer a "hot beef injection." heh heh

    3. Ok, I kind of like all of those things. That might actually be pretty good.

    4. I would eat that.

    5. My stomach hurts.

  14. Hot Brown? Sounds like a Hot Carl. That's not a good thing.

  15. I would try the Hot Beef Sundae and the Fried Coca Cola and probably regret both of them later.

    Those fair folks will chicken fry anything they can poke a stick into, won't they! HA!

    Just seeing the picture of the Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich made me flinch.

  16. I think I can feel my arteries clogging as I type.

    Just looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions gave me heartburn and indigestion.

    And I almost never get either of those ailments.

  17. Are there no deep fried burgers out there?

  18. "Hot Beef Sundae" seems like something that would be fun to feed to a drunk guy just to fuck with his head.

    It looks like an ice cream sundae (sorta) and after a few bites he'd be confused as hell.

    The last fair I went to I got my cousin sick as a dog with some of the fair food, and from one particular stand.

    Deep fried "Rocky Mountain oysters".

    Yeah, he had no idea what they were and kept on eating the things as long as I was buying.

  19. I had no idea that fair food would invoke such emotion! :)

    "I don't think they have enough meats on sticks." -- Something About Mary

  20. At the SC State Fair '09, I tried Fried Pepsi, Chocolate Covered Bacon, Fried Cherry Bombs (chocolate covered cherries dipped in batter and fried - they WERE the bomb,too...yum!), fried Oreos....oh my...

    But I did NOT try them all one one day, thank goodness.

  21. I bet if they battered and deep fried dog shit, someone would eat it.

  22. I had the BEST funnel cake of my life at Disney last year...must be the lack of greasy drippings from carny food vendors.

    I'd totally try the Fried Coca Cola, as long as I had a side of Pepto or Imodium.

  23. The roast beef sundae is really pretty good, it's just roast beef and mashed potatoes. I had the maple glazed deep fried bacon at the Minnesota State Fair this summer. It could have been better. I also had the deep fried pickles and the deep fried cheese curds. Living in Denver, I have to admit a fondness for the occasional Rocky Mountain Oyster, and they must be served deep fried with lost of horseradish sauce.

  24. Cary you are right!- my family always says that if you put dog shit in pumpkin or in cinnamon, that I'd eat it.

    I tell them maybe I would...I'd smell it first and decide.

  25. The Mn State Fair also has Pig Lickers, which is chocolate covered bacon (not so great cold, but hot bacon dipped in melted chocolate would be awesome) and Big Fat Bacon, which is a 1/3 pound strip of bacon on a skewer, grilled and brushed w/maple syrup...AWESOME!

  26. I ate the chicken fried bacon.

    Stall had the longest line of anything in the fair.

    It wasn't worth it.

    The deep fried jellybeans, on the other hand, were surprisingly tasty.



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