Tuesday, May 11, 2010

April Mugshot Lineup

Insult to injury. It's what we do best here at LOTD.

Nice going, ya blockhead.

His body swallowed up his neck, now it's going after his head.

Not Reenie, it turns out.

The booking process now includes making arrestees watch "2 Girls, 1 Cup."

Somebody's been to Merle Norman.

They call him Felt Tip.

Nice mustache, but where's your nose?

When Cabbage Patch dolls go bad. (Thanks, Lefty)

How much you wanna bet his nickname is Turtle? (Pic from Paul D.)

That whole night was one big blur to Cornelius.

Missing Link found! News at 10.

When Molly Ringwald stresses, her eyebrows pay the price.

Who wants butt sex?

Guess who gets to mop the jail floor every night?

Would you like fries or rings with that?

This one was arrested for assaulting an officer. What'd she do, run over his foot?

Sorry, honey, an ice pack won't do a thing for ugly.

Who wants pancakes?

David Crosby, working on liver number three. (Pic from Rockman)

Then put it back in 'cause don't nobody want that shit.


  1. The butt sex one makes me laugh out loud every single time.

    Speaking of, as a guy, I'm thinking that if you are headed to prison the last thing you'd wanted inked on your body would be "pretty boy."

    Lefty, that Cabbage Patch pic is excellent!

    Great captions, as always!

  2. For some reason, I can't NOT laugh when I see the "Who wants butt sex" guy.

    Thanks for the laugh, Cary...I needed it today!

  3. Butt Sex Guy rules.

    Samsmama - I didn't provide the picture, just the suggestion that she was a cabbage patch doll.

  4. Lefty, that Cabbage Patch suggestion is excellent!

  5. For #5, I'm thinking Graves Disease.

  6. I like Butt Sex guy because he's very serious about wanting it.

    "Butt sex? Oh, I do. Definitely. Hand raised over here, sir. Got me? Great. Thanks."

  7. Yes, ButtSex guy is my favorite too! I bet he does stuff just so he can go back to jail! LOL

  8. The last one is my favorite just for your caption. I had to say it out loud for the full effect.

  9. My favorite is the Merle Norman victim...I almost laughed myself sick!

  10. Great captions, as always. Merle was my favorite too, right up there with Butt Sex Man.


  11. Felt tip is my favorite here, but so many have great captions. Several made me laugh.

    The eyes of these people always get to me.

    The 2 girls, 1 cup guy, Turtle, and the Missing Link all give me the creeps from looking at their eyes. They just plain scare me.

    Big Dummy, Not Reenie, and Cabbage Patch Doll all look really sad. Makes me feel sorry for them and wonder about their circumstances.

    Blockhead, Butt Sex, and lady with mop hair all look really angry. I wouldn't want to get on their bad side.

    Seeing the pictures always makes me want to hear the stories of these folks.

  12. Sweet Daisy... seeing the pictures always makes me feel like nothing I've ever screwed up has been that bad.

    But Cary's captions rock, even if the pictures sometimes creep me out.

  13. Thanks, everyone.

    My grandma used to go to Merle Norman at the mall and would come out looking like a cross between Bozo the Clown and a battered wife. My grandad would just shake his head.

    Daisy - I always figure most of them are addicts/drunks. They have that look.

    Miss Emily - I know far too many people who talk like that, sadly.

  14. I loved these - always great captions. Last one reminded me, anytime someone says about the weather "it's so nice out" my dad replies "it's so nice out, I think I'll keep it out"

    An old friend from high school moved back to my hometown and works as a nurse at the local jail. It is worth having a Facebook page just to see the funny shit she posts daily about the wacko inmates; she takes no crap from them. I often imagine Mugshots of the Day when reading about them.

  15. Cary said, "I like Butt Sex." Heh, heh...

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  17. I think Butt sex guy has a certain Jack Nicholson quality

  18. Pretty sure butt sex guys name is Beavis.



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