Monday, May 10, 2010

April Engrish Roundup

What the fuck's a "frush"?

Rondon calling...

Behold the power of bland.

Kinda hard not to.

Make it count.

And smell too.

Room for one more!

Try our processed meats.

I'm welcome.

It can only hold one load at a time.

Put it in the trash can and you will smell disaster.

Serving the television industry since 1973.

I wonder how cold it is there.

You don't need a hotel for that.

A drink won't kill you.


Have you seen the new FuckPad?


  1. "It can only hold one load at a time." **snicker** Love me some Engrish on a Monday. :D

  2. In the "And smell too" one, I like the irony of misspelling the word "perfect." Everything is perfect, but the spelling. Great captions!

    I liked the "no washing hair or clothes in the toilet please" one too.

  3. The Last Spurt Off starts on 1/15 and ends on 2/11. My birthday. Awesome!!!

  4. "Our drinks won't kill you. You will kill you."



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