Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unfortunate Gravestones Of The Day

Mocked in life. Mocked in death.

See ya

What the.....?

No, not OK

Sorry for your loss, Loss

Yep, that'll kill ya

The death of Funk

I hope that's not what killed her

Do you know Jakshitz? He died.

It's gotta be here somewhere

The poor Dumfart is dead

So long, Fucker

A real stiffy


And left them to her husband

At least they got a Proper burial

Oh yes

Dead dead

All good things must end

Killed in an unfortunate steamroller accident

That's why we bury 'em

Death is the worst

Not anymore

Not anymore

Yes, zees ees trouble indeed

There was a wee man,
Who had a wee wife,
They had two wee children,
And a long wee life.

Recently retired

Nah, I'm more of a....

And out

Born a Loser, died a Loser.


  1. Constant Craps made me giggle! I also am sorry to hear that the Assman passed away. Moment of silence....
    Oh, and love your quote today! Maude is the WOMAN.

  2. This makes my unusual last name seem normal(Duck)

    and where I'm from, "Boob" is a very popular last name. And they all live up to it.

    About two hours from where I'm from, there is a place called Nipple Convalescence Home.

  3. Just one of the many reasons I like cemeteries. Always good for a laugh!

  4. Whoever designed the way the "Spanks" monument was engraved--honestly, couldn't they see what they were writing there? HA HA HA! Great captions, Cary. :D

  5. Melanie - that's hilarious. Adding that to my next Found Porn post update. Thanks.

  6. There is one in our local cemetery with the name Dumass on it. I always loved that one.

  7. One of the teachers at my school was named Hercock - bad name for an HS teacher.

    (Off topic - my captcha was brail, I was amused)

  8. Those were hilarious! Makes me go walk around in the local cemetary...okay, not really. What kinda freaks found those anyway?! lol

  9. badmama, I love going to cemetaries! Even though I don't believe in them, and believe they're detrimental to Mother Earth.

    But then again, I may be a bit of a freak.

    Weed made me laugh real loud, but only because of the staging.

    And Expired? Unique and fun death ornament!

  10. I saw a head stone with a lady's name on it...then it said, "I told you I had a headache".

    Siress Yorkie

  11. Oh, Cary... "Smellie... That's why we bury 'em..." THE BEST! HAHAHAHA!

  12. This makes my unusual last name seem normal(Duck)

    In the latter half of this century, a future LOTD post: She didn't.

  13. Found another good one!



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