Monday, February 15, 2010

Amazon Review Of The Day: Crazy Cat Lady

Link from Sheila.

The product: Crazy Cat Lady action figure.

The review (click pic to read):

On the off chance you'd like to own one of your very own:


  1. She bought this for her kid and "HE" just loves it? We all know how this is going to turn out. (Insert acronym here.)

    Sam and I are headed out in a bit to go buy a Lego set. We were going to make some airplanes, but a Mental Health Facility sounds like much more fun.

  2. AHA HA HA HA! She makes her kids play with it for an hour every day?! Wow! And she recommends the Albino Bowler and the Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure too? Must be great fun to live there!

    Actually, I could totally see myself buying this to put on my desk just because the idea makes me laugh. There's a Librarian one out there somewhere too that I want someday. :D

  3. Oook now, soulja boi is seriously warped and I feel sorry for his kids.
    Other than that, it is pretty funny.

  4. I truly feel that your modern day Tyrone Green or Oscar Wilde will be found compulsively writing outlandish reviews on Amazon.

  5. I'm really surprised someone hasn't gotten me this yet since I have 7 fucking cats. I *am* crazy cat lady. LOL

  6. I have one of these! =^..^=

  7. Why pick this review, when the reviewer had an even more hilarious one at

    I might either be creeped out by, or in love with this woman. Or both.

  8. We have one of these at work, as well as the Marie Antoinette action figure with ejector head action.

    I think that CCL needs the CCL House play set, which would have torn up furniture and dirty litter boxes all over the place. Then there would also be the Animal Control Van play set, with a van full of cat carriers and two animal control officers. And why not an Angry Neighbor action figure, too? He's the one who called Animal Control, after all.

  9. The Librarian action figure is definitely the best one.

  10. Of course I own the crazy cat lady.. bought one for each of my sisters.. ahem.

  11. Yay - now I know what I get my MIL for her birthday this year!

    Cary, I think you should issue the author of this Amazon review a personal invitation to become part of our LOTD family...



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