Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Not Eating There (Poorly Named Restaurants Of The Day)

File under Engrish and/or Found Porn as well. From Ashley V.

Avoid the white pizza

And such an expensive sign, too.

No thanks, you can have it.

Sure is dark in there

Is that even legal?

When the best won't do!

What kind of "things"?

Try the Revenge Platter for an unforgettable dining experience.

With or without peanuts

Better than schweddy balls, I suppose.

If I could shit gold, I'd keep it to myself

Try the fresh jam

Well... it does make you hungry


  1. And just when I thought that The Sanitary Fish House was as good as it could get...

  2. There use to be a chinese restaurant in Cape Girardeau, MO named Dong Phats. The sign also said that it was a "chinese fuchen restaurant".... Can you say ENGRISH lesson......

  3. Crabby Dick's is on purpose - out on the Maryland/Delaware beaches they try to outdo themselves with single-entendre names like Big Pecker, the Bearded Clam, Rusty Balls, and so on. I guess it brings in the college crowd.

    I sure am in the mood for some Squat and Gobble, though.

  4. Awww, I've been to Chewy Balls!! They sell the fruit drinks with the tapioca balls on the bottom.

  5. Aries - yes, so I gathered, especially after reading the message below it.

  6. I wonder if Mickey D's tried going after Mc Wanks for trademark infringement, with their 'M' and 'W.'

  7. HA! So true. Always makes me think of Coming To America.

  8. Cary, what kind of "hotdoggery" are you up to now? Now there's a word you don't see every day. I'm going to stuff that baby into as many conversations as I can today.

    Those made me laugh--they didn't make me hungry, but they did make me giggle.

  9. here in nashville we have i dream of weenie hot dogs.

    well i might dream of weenie but i am not going to dirty dicks. no sir, not doing that.

    shweddy balls made me giggle.

  10. I laughed at these, but I think the visual image I got with Squat and Gobble made me laugh the hardest. "We've only got a half hour for lunch!"

  11. It's lunchtime here as I'm reading this. Suddenly I don't feel very hungry.

    "Sure is dark in there." made me laugh and so did Toasted Owl. :D They better be careful or the endangered species police will be after them.

  12. The Chocolate Log totally rocks, as did the caption! I agree though, for visual imagery alone I have to love the "Squat & Gobble."

    Mmmm, nothing like meat cooked in a nice hot, dry vagina tandoori oven.

  13. I would SO go to Pizza Orgasmica! Two of my favorite things in one. I'd probably check out What a Weenie - you know, for the footlongs.

  14. Pusser's Landing -- here in my home town! Never thought twice about it, though.

    Yep, gotta go with the visual imagery of Squat & Gobble.

    Bev -- Speaking of visual imagery ...

  15. Ah, another Annapolitan lurks about!

    And, I'm surprised to see that there is another Bung Hole out there aside from the liquor store in Salem. Who knew?

  16. About the "McWanks" one, it makes me wonder about their special sauce.

  17. Toasted Owl tastes a lot like Baked Eagle...or so I've heard.

  18. On Cape Breton island in Nova Scotia there is a chicken joint called Lick-A-Chick:

  19. Dirty Dicks in Myrtle Beach is a hoot. The wait staff is sarcastic as hell.

    Also try Cuss'in Sams if it is still there in MB. Don't take the children unless you want to broaden their vocabulary.

  20. Love these...don't know if I'd want to eat at any of them, but they all made me laugh!

    We get a kick out of the convenient stores called "Kum and Go"...we call them "Squirt and Scoot".

  21. The Dirty Dicks pic looks like it's the one on Rose St. in Edinburgh, Scotland. If so, that place has some really delicious food and the waitstaff is very charming.



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