Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bridezilla Of The Day

Good times ahead for her new husband, eh? From The Smoking Gun.

AUGUST 19--Meet Adrienne Samen. The 18-year-old Connecticut woman will always remember her August 16 wedding--for all the wrong reasons.

Seems that Samen had been imbibing during the reception when she got into a heated beef with employees of the Mill on the River restaurant. According to cops, Samen "flipped out" and began yelling at everyone before she stormed out.

When officers approached Samen "wearing a white wedding dress walking along Ellington Road," she cursed and gave them the finger. Police then placed Samen into the back of a cruiser, which did not sit well with the blushing bride. She allegedly kicked the car's door and window and tried to bite a cop who tried to place a seatbelt on her.

Things didn't get better at the South Windsor police headquarters, where Samen refused to cooperate with cops who were trying to book her (so she got tossed in a cell for a couple of hours).

Charged with criminal mischief and breach of peace, Samen was released after posting $1000 bail. She is scheduled to appear in Manchester Superior Court on August 28. Presumably, the below mug shot will not find its way into Adrienne's wedding scrapbook.


  1. One should always remember their wedding day. I wonder if she knew where she was when she awoke.

  2. She looks like the sort who pronounces it "weddin'". Classy, classy lady.

  3. At leaset we can't fault her fashion sense: any wedding gown that hides the bride's breat-tat just isn't worth wearing.

  4. I guess she decided to test out that "for better, for worse" part of the wedding vows right away.

  5. are we certain this 'weddin' wasn't at the waffle house?

    wv; modil = she is the modil of sophistication....not!

  6. White trash is what white trash does

  7. Looks like she combed her hair for the occasion, at least.



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