Thursday, September 3, 2009

Classic Music Video Of The Day

Izzy wants to hear some Babys. And whatever Izzy wants, Izzy gets (especially when she sends me a link to use).

Yes, that's John Waite. Journey's Jonathan Cain was also a Baby for a while.

Party Pictures Of The Day (NSFW)

Selections from Sorry I Missed Your Party, a blog of funny party pictures.

Lars began to wonder if he was losing his touch with the ladies.

When the tubas get in the pool, hold on to your fucking hat.

Pabst? Beer fairy FAIL.

No matter how hard she tried, Shauna couldn't get anyone at the gay biker bash to notice her.

The only thing worse than a midget with a gun? A midget with a crossbow, as Momma found out when she took one in the neck.

All right, who fucking farted?

"Look at those disgusting rednecks. I gotta film that shit."

When Spencer shows up in his vest, you can forget about getting home before dawn.

Oh, Grandpa.. such a joker.

For the eighth year in a row, not one female showed up for Barney's Poo 'n' Spoo. Secretly, though, he didn't mind.

When Derek plays guitar, people die.

Ted arrived an hour late on purpose so he'd miss the slideshow, but the joke was on him: the gang waited until he got there.

In a cruel mix-up, R2D2 was sent to the black kids' party and Fat Albert was sent to the white kids' party, and neither group was very happy about it.

Joan Jett knew that bedpan would come in handy someday.

Hey, wait a minute. You guys didn't invite me here to talk about Clemson football, did you?

The freshman dorm's annual Lightsabers 'n Chicks mixer was missing just one thing, and it wasn't lightsabers.

When The Blackeyed Peas go out drinking, it's Mrs. Chang's job to see that they make it home safely.

As soon as Roger put on his new glasses, he knew he'd ring in 1983 with
some tail.

"Caption This" Photo Of The Day

From Pamela.

Classic Comedy Clip Of The Day: Argument Clinic

My child could work here. Brilliance from Monty Python and

Homeless Signs Of The Day

Spinderfella sends pics. Hilarity ensues.

"For beer/For wine/For whiskey/For hangover"


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