Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend Links & Videos Of The Day

Catching up on your fine submissions.

Ever wonder who posts some of those freaky Craigslist ads? Wonder no more. From CJ.

High performance cars, low performance drivers. Wrecked Exotics from Blong.

Cards of change: life after "restructuring." From Bev.

Make your own ringtones, says TotalBlammBlamm. She did, and two guesses which artist's songs she used.

Test your brain. From Hal Dahl.

And some videos...

Another "Mr. Show" classic from Paul.

From Frank, another disturbing musical performance by Mark Gormley.

Disney embraces recycling. From Wendy in RI.

Michael M. has an 80s flashback video for you.

Glen Campbell overreaches. Stick to cowboy songs, Glen. From Leigh via Facebook.

This is cool. From Cleve.


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