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Music Video Of The Day: Sorta Dunno Nothin'

Good stuff from Kathleen in Australia and singer/comedian Peter Denahy.

10 Fanatically Hardcore Furniture Pieces Inspired By Video Games

From Level One Boss, a site.

Let's face it, few do as much active sitting as video gamers. That's why we need the perfect furniture on which to sit and put our various consoles, controllers, and Fritos.

Back in March, we brought you the 10 Most Insanely Hardcore Home Items For Video Game Fanatics, and then in May, we revealed the 10 Funniest Wall-Sized Pieces Of Art Based On Video Games.

Now, we proudly bring you the 10 Most Fanatically Hardcore Furniture Pieces Inspired By Video Games:

10. Mario and Luigi Dressers (via Sprite Stitch)

How do you say "adorable" in Italian?

9. Duck Hunt Lamp (Geekologie)

This would not only brighten up our bedroom, but also light up our lives.

8. Pac-Man Coffee Table (Dame Decor)

We appreciate this table because it reminds to always be in a constant state of readiness. And there's a giant Pac-Man.

7. Space Invaders Lamp Shade (Meninos)

The genius of this shade is that it places the Invaders overhead, simulating their menacing descent from the classic game. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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News Of The Day: Cop Accidentally Arrests Gates Again

Hilarity from The Onion.


July 31, 2009 | Issue 45•31

WASHINGTON — Upon arriving late to his meeting with President Barack Obama and famed African-American intellectual Henry Louis Gates, Cambridge police officer James Crowley once again detained the distinguished Harvard scholar after failing to recognize the man he had arrested just two weeks earlier, White House sources reported Thursday.

"When I entered the Oval Office, I observed an unidentified black male sitting near Mr. Obama, and in the interest of the president's safety, I attempted to ascertain the individual's business at the White House," Crowley said in a sworn statement following the arrest.

“The suspect then became uncooperative and verbally abusive. I had no choice but to apprehend him at the scene for disorderly conduct.”

Witnesses said that Sgt. Crowley, failing to recognize Gates on their flight to Logan Airport, arrested the tenured professor in midair, once again at the baggage claim, and twice during their shared cab ride back to Cambridge.

Commercial Of The Day: Clip 'N' Dales

I've seen some bad local commercials in my day, but this might be the worst of all time. Vern Fonk has nothing on these guys.

Another good 'un from TheMovieGuru.

Video Of The Day: Teen Wolf Updated (NSFW)

There's no high school basketball team in the world so hard up that they'd put Francis from Pee Wee's Big Adventure on their team.

From TheMovieGuru.

Unseen TV Show Characters Of The Day


Since Samuel Beckett's "Waiting For Godot," the characters we don't see have been far more powerful than the ones we do. We've never seen "Waiting For Godot" and never go to the theater, so we looked at Wilson, Nanny, and ten other TV personalities everyone knows, but nobody recognizes.

George Steinbrenner, "Seinfeld"

Many of TV's never-seen characters serve as omnipotent gurus whose baritone voices provide much-needed wisdom, like explaining to Tim why his wife's mental health is more important than the Detroit Auto Show. But nobody in Seinfeld's twisted New York was this rational -- not Jerry's neurotic best friends, not the fascist soup proprietor down the street, and certainly not the show's resident unseen force: New York Yankees owner (and boss of George Costanza) George Steinbrenner, whose nasally, scratchy voice (provided by series co-creator Larry David) offered George less advice, and more endless diatribes on the best place to sit in a hot tub and the many virtues of the calzone.

Vera Peterson, "Cheers" Maris Crane, "Frasier"

Cheers and its spin-off Frasier were different shows with different sensibilities, but sometimes they told the same joke. Norm and Niles both had unseen wives whose beastly appearance were the butt of many jokes, and the descriptions became so epic and beastly that casting someone became impossible. Perhaps both shows had writers who were unsatisfied with their wives and they needed a punching bag to take it out on.

Charlie Brown's Teacher, "A Charlie Brown Christmas," etc.

Authority figures are often kept at a distance from a story's main characters. And, like a Big Brother with less brainwashing, Charlie Brown's teacher (referred to by Brown only as "Ma'am") exists forever off-screen, standing at the head of the classroom, barking questions and reprimands at her large-headed students. Additionally, the teacher's dialog was replaced with jarring wails from a muted trombone. Not only did this reinforce the divide between the world of children and adults at the core of the cartoons, it also introduced actual elementary school students to a new and simple impression for tormenting substitutes.

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Video Of The Day: Mugshot


Link Of The Day: Douchebag Name Generator

Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine.


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