Friday, January 30, 2009

Requested 80s Music Video Of The Day

This one's for Wendy in RI, who's stuck on the couch with a post-op bum leg and wanted some Duran Duran to cheer her up.


And, because it's Wendy, a bonus vid...


"Postcards From Yo Momma" Of The Day

These are great: selections from Postcards From Yo Momma, a site that publishes reader-submitted e-mails from (and IM conversations with) their moms. Some are scolds, some are confessions, some are guilt trips, but all are just so... mom.

Visit the site for many more.

SNL Clip Of The Day: Dateline

Oh man... I love this. We watch Dateline sometimes, and always groan when it's a Keith Morrison story. Clearly a frustrated actor, Keith is right at home in those opening segments where he gets to cock his overgrown eyebrow and deliver his overwrought teaser lines to some unseen listener off camera, which is crap: you know good and goddamn well he's talking to a ful-length mirror and getting off on his own awesomeness.

Anyhoo, this is a great impersonation.

From my buddy, Jimmy T.
, who has loved Keith ever since Keith was a local TV news reporter in L.A.

Classic 80s Music Video Of The Day

Some bad songs are just annoying, but some are so rotten, they make you want to hurt someone. This one falls into the latter category. It aired on VH1 Classic this morning, and when I saw this man's ridiculous hair and smelled the first few bars of his steamy corn-filled loaf, I bit my knuckle in rage, much like Sonny Corleone did when he first saw his sister Connie with two black eyes (and then got mowed down in an ambush). I want to hurt this man.

Celebrity Cameltoe Of The Day

Cooter-cutters of the rich and famous. This can't be good for your Lady Business.

I smell Photoshop on some of these, but at least someone's skills were put to good use.

Sharon Stone

Rebecca Romjin

ABBA chick (lead vocals on "Dancing Queef")

Mischa Barton

Maria Sharapova

Somebody's grandma

Lindsay Lohan

Lil' Kim? No, Labial' Kim.

Kim Kardashian

Kelly Ripa, about to rip-a her pants. If that pole up her ass hasn't already.

Jessica Simpson ("This cooch wasn't made for walkin'...")

Jessica Biel

Heidi Clam Klum

Et tu, Fabio? I liked him better with a goose sticking out of his head.

Eva Longoria

Christina Milian

Anna Kournikova

Alicia Keys. I see two of her keys right now, both of 'em L Major.


Karl Lagerfeld

Jabba The Hutt. Sorry. But hey, it's Photoshopped for sure. There's no way it has a vagina.


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