Friday, December 18, 2009

Celebs Who Look Like They Smell Bad

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Now whiff this...


Kid Rank










Icky Rourke




Rosie O'Grimace


Chopper guy

Lindsay Hohan





Danny Bonadouchebag


  1. Haaaaa! Perhaps Abe Vigoda should be on here as well...if nothing else, for the old man smell...

  2. Great list.

    I've heard Brad Pitt suffers from horrendous BO.


  3. How could you have possibly forgotten Gary Busey?

  4. o wait, i was wrong. the flabbmaster has turned a putrid shade of purple.

  5. So gross. Bob Dylan looks green.
    Danny Bonadouchebag is a douche bag. My mom used to work for his television show. Even after a year or so, he didn't know one person's name and then everyone was fired on Christmas Eve. His wife was a creep too.

  6. The stink lines on Amy Winehouse are a nice touch.

  7. Here are a few more to add to your list.....

    MeatLoaf: Gotta believe that guy has some serious Fumunda Cheese growing.

    Madonna: see Amy Winehouse photo.

    Joaquin Phoenix: Lord knows what he has living in that beard he had on David Letterman.

    P.S. Album cover is scary. No left arm and a hook on the right. How does he wipe his ass?

  8. All of these were so true.

    I can't stand looking at Kid Rock - he needs to be scrubbed with old fashioned Lava brand soap ("with pumice"!)

    Tommy Lee lives near me and I see him getting coffee at the gas station all the time. I can confirm that he appears just as dirty in real life.

    Didn't some actress say she went down on that Adrian Grenier from Entourage and that he had BO and his crotch smelled really bad?

    It's bad when they outsmell their stalkers.

  9. Johnny Depp? They didn't even have to use makeup when he did Pirates...

  10. I've met Richard Simmons - great motivational speaker, very funny and he did not stink! Everyone else looks like they deserve to be here though.

    Remind me, why is Lindsay Nobrain famous?

    wv: aftsit - "after sitting near these folks, I'm afraid I have cooties!"

  11. Yup, I can smell them from here.

  12. We often play a game that requires you to come up with what celebrities smell like.
    Examples: Gary Sinise smells like onions. Angelina Jolie smells like ChapStick.

  13. My dad worked security for the local college when Billy Ray Cyrus was touring, years ago. He confirms that Billy was a major stinker!

  14. yeah, i can see how michael stipe would have horrible vegan whiff... and moby. why isn't moby on this list?

  15. rockman said...

    P.S. Album cover is scary. No left arm and a hook on the right. How does he wipe his ass?

    I'd imagine the same way porcupines make love, very carefully.

    And to add to the list of stanky celebs, that "Twilight" vampire guy is supposed to smell rather "assy" too I've read.

  16. If you have any Glade left over from the Neil Diamond Christmas song, you better use some of it over on this post. Yikes! The fumes are burning my eyes!

  17. I have loved R.E.M. since the late 80s, but I can confirm that at least one member is allergic to deodorant. A woman I once worked with went to the University of Georgia in Athens, and one time she and some friends were out in a bar. It was really crowded and this guy standing next to her was rather odorous. She turned to her friends and said "Who is that smelly little man??" Her friends were like "Shut up Jen, that's Michael Stipe." He didn't say anything, so either he didn't hear her or chose to ignore her.

    wv: dertes
    If you stay dertes, you'll be smelles.

  18. Stench. Plenty of it here and a word as nice to use as smite.

    Woodwoman said: "getting coffee at the gas station all the time". Now that shows real class!

    Is 'Chopper Guy' supposed to be Chopper Reed, noted Tasmanian lunatic, criminal, author and model for a rather good movie with Eric Bana? Cause I don't think this bloke with intact ears is him...

  19. Also, Carrottop (one t or two?). He'd definitely have B.O.

  20. To be fair, it's a REALLY nice gas station (LA area after all) with a very nice store inside that sells a lot of different things. But he's still dirty.

    When did Dylan turn into Vincent Price?

  21. Wilford Diabetus Brimley doesn't look like he smells bad.

    And I will admit that I owned the Sweatin' To the Oldies, and loved them. He actually seems like alot of fun.

    BTW, isn't Abe Vigoda dead? ;~)

  22. Now wait a minute, I don't think "Chopper guy" - Paul Teutul, Sr., from the American Chopper show on TLC - looks like he smells at all. I've watched the show -he looks clean/combed hair/etc. at all times. Now the rest of this rank ass group? Disgusting.

  23. I always call Kid Rock FLY CROTCH..cause it always looks like he would have a cloud of flies around his crotch..kinda like Pig Pen..but around the crotch.....crotch.

  24. Janeane Garofalo... just looks like she's been missing bath night for a few weeks. You could wring some bio-diesel outta that hair.

  25. Abe Vigoda lives. Freaks me out he's 88 since he seemed in his 80s thirty years ago. I saw him in a production of Guys and Dolls with Hugh O'Brian in Kansas City around 1981 - don't ask why I was there but I was backstage after and met the old guy. Bizarre memory.

  26. Ironically, that picture of Mickey Rourke is the cleanest looking I've seen of him in years...

  27. Nice call, Cowguy.

    I'd suggest Bruce Springsteen. My sister recommends Robert Downey Jr.

  28. I agree with most of the above...I would add David Letterman, Chevy Chase, and Ellen DeGeneres. I can vouch for Richard Simmons...he doesn't stink..I've met him too. He was pretty spring-like even after working out! :)

  29. Woodwoman, I was joking. There's a long standing joke that he's been dead for years, but hasn't been buried. I guess my wink didn't come across very well.

    But yeah, you're right in that he looked 80, 30 years ago.

    Also forgot, now that Whitney's seemed to have beated the drugs, she looks much better.

    I also agree w/Chris on Chopper guy. He's hot! Seriously. It's the confidence he carries that makes him sexy.

  30. You forgot the stinkmaster himself: Matthew McConaghy (sp?). He admits he rarely bathes, and now he's the face of some high-end cologne! How ironic.

  31. I, too met Richard Simmons. No stink. And I found him very likeable and friendly.

    Why did so many of us meet Richard Simmons?

  32. Hee hee. "Diabeetus" is a big joke at work because of this. :D Every time that commercial comes on we have a giggle.
    Amy Winehouse looks like she hasn't showered in months...



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