Monday, August 10, 2009

News Of The Day: Cursing Helps

No shit?!


  1. that's too fucking funny!!

    i need to show this to the boss so maybe he will get off my damn back!

  2. It's OK to do it as long as there aren't any kids around?

    So what are the kids supposed to do when they burn their finger or stub a toe? They need to get rid of pain too, don't they?

    Most kids that I know these days know way more swear words than I do anyway.

    Swearing is not something I'm good at. HA! :)

  3. This post is one awesome motherfucker.

    Oh, and I also like my ladies perky, which is why I like Katie Couric so much. ;)

  4. Kids or no kids, if I burn myself, or stub a toe, some motherfuckers are getting tossed around, maybe a few dirty whores and a couple of son of a bitches too just for good measure.

    It's almost like a reflex when you stub a toe, especially when it feels like you snapped the bastard off on the corner of the coffee table.

  5. I didn't even recognize her until she said her name.

  6. I dislocated my ankle and cursed the entire time - from the moment I did it, until the medics loaded me into the ambulance and all the way to the hospital, and then in the ER until the Dr. reduced it. Words that I didn't even know I knew came out of my mouth. I was at a hospital run by Seventh Day Adventists and I'm sure I left some ears bleeding. Someone in the waiting room asked what was going on and one of the medics told him that, based on my injury, I had every right to swear a blue streak. The swearing was good, but the Diluadid was better.

  7. Where was this stupid ass report when I was getting booted from my aerobics class?



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