Monday, August 10, 2009

10 Celebrity Nutters Of The Day

Another fine idea from the legendary Beverly and

by Brady Sullivan

Hollywood is filled with colorful characters and quirky personalities. Then there are those who cross the line and go from being simply eccentric to downright crazy-pants. Here are ten of the most memorable cases of stars who totally lost it.


Winona Ryder

Winona has always been, well, strange as far as Hollywood actresses go. Why else would a guy like Johnny Depp date her for years? However, Winona pushed her nuttiness to a new level when she was caught stealing clothing worth hundreds of dollars from a store in Beverly Hills. As if being convicted of shoplifting wasn't enough, she recently "lost" jewelry on loan for a party. Price tag? $125,000. Come on, Winona, we know you don’t need that five finger discount.


Andy Dick

There was a time, many years ago, when Andy Dick was a rising comedy star known for his antics onscreen rather than off. However, the good reputation he gained on The Ben Stiller Show and NewsRadio soon began to dwindle as he turned into a drug abusing, attention-obsessed madman. When you are so crazy annoying that even Jon Lovitz feels the need to slam your head against a bar, you know you must be pretty intolerable.


Britney Spears

Poor Britney. After years as a teen star suppressing her white trash nature, the paparazzi and stress of show business finally got to her and unleashed her inner hillbilly. A 24-hour marriage. Another marriage to K-Fed. Another divorce. Losing custody of her kids. Chain smoking and drinking heavily. Flashing her vagina to the world. A few stays in mental hospitals. And so on. If it weren't for the millions and millions of dollars and incredible fame, there really isn’t much that separates Britney from an average Maury Povich guest at this point.


Danny Bonaduce

Like many child stars, Danny Bonaduce turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with his fleeting fame after The Partridge Family. However, what makes him different is that he is so screwed up he wears his craziness as a badge of honor, even flaunting it shamelessly for ratings on Breaking Bonaduce (not enough ratings though, sorry Danny!). Danny's also special because he isn’t just an alcoholic or drug addict, but also a steroid-fueled five feet of violence.


Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron has always been an extremely religious person, and would even protest when he thought story lines or dialogue in the scripts for Growing Pains were too obscene (who can forget all those Seaver family orgies and opium den visits?). He became a full-on religious fanatic after leaving the show, appearing in films based on the Left Behind series, which focuses on what happens at the end of the world to sinners who have not accepted Jesus (side note: every television set plays Growing Pains marathons). He then went a step further, co-creating a DVD and book series called The Way of the Master, which teaches you how to be a dick to other people in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Prediction, from the Great Platypus: Someday, sometime, someone is gonna beat the living partridge poop outta Danny Bonaduce. And the world will laugh.

  2. Tom Cruise definitely deserves the #1 slot.

    I think most of the cast of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here should have been included, Janice Dickinson and Spencer and Heidi Pratt in particular.

  3. I like LOTD and I often visit for a laugh, however I take exception to this irresponsible criticism of Mr. Cameron. I watch Way Of The Master and have NEVER seen Kirk or Ray Comfort proselytize in a degrading or disparaging way to anyone in their street ministry. They truly want to lead people to saving relationship with Jesus Christ and allow the people they witness to come to their own conclusion by taking them through a series of steps via the 10 Commandments. I've never seen them address anyone in their ministry with anything less than complete love, care and respect.

  4. Awesome, Cary! Andy Dick is a truly frightening individual. He's not just crazy, he's sloppy-crazy!

    LMAO at the entire Kirk Cameron blurb, too. So true.

  5. Anon, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but take it up with Flixster. I'm just the messenger.

    Thanks, Bev.

  6. I must be missing something on how Kirk Cameron fits in with these other nutters

  7. Probably missing a sense of humor.

    Excellent list!

  8. I have to agree that Kirk Cameron is a nutter, but he's no where near the levels of these other jerks.

    I would replace him with LiLo or The Hoff.

  9. Great list. All of it.

    btw, I saw a bumper sticker today that I liked:

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  10. Did I read that right? Kirk Cameron's book is entitled, "Still Growing" ???


  11. Kirk has a genuine faith, and an attack on him as a "crazy" is unfair to him and many others who have had similar experiences. Nice attempt at a dodge, Cary, but you are responsible for the content of your blog. An attack on a Christian for being a Christian is pretty low.

  12. Well, it certainly didn't occur to the Kirk-child that calling his BFF "Boner" might stretch the bounds of propriety!

  13. pink floyd - Whatever. Get over it.

  14. In defense of Kirk Cameron I will say that his antics are good for a laugh. His willful misunderstanding of evolution is nigh-criminal. I just can't understand why so many Christians can't let their faith and evolution co-exist.

    Seriously, though. Watch the Way of the Master stuff on YouTube for a good laugh.

  15. That's just unfair and low, Lefty.

    Do you have a link?


    But my favorite is:

  17. What makes Kirk Cameron safe from comment? Does being a devout Christian make you sacrosanct?

    I find it interesting how people are so willing to laugh at others yet when a modicum of ridicule is directed not at them but at another person who shares their faith become so outraged.

    It's called humor, people. Grow a set of God-given balls already.

    It's not like you're a Scientologist.

  18. HAH! What Stuart said!

    If you don't like what you see here, there's a curious little "back" button I've noticed. Check it out.

  19. Whether you think I lack a sense of humor or not, I AM deleting this site from my bookmarks. Just one too many Christianity-bashing remarks and now I'm out of here.

  20. Peace out! You'll sure be missed!

  21. OH! And did I mention how courageous it is to leave an anonymous comment? Cary, I'm so sorry. Delete this if you feel necesarry. But I'm pissed now.

  22. SM - don't be. This character is simply taking the piss to get a reaction. It's a common theme with extremely bored people.

    If this person were truly a Christian, he or she would get the joke and shrug it all off like Jesus would.

    Jesus was way cooler than the people who abide by words He never actually said.

    I feel sorry for that person. Not Jesus, that person who got all offended.

    If he or she really wants to be offended, he or she could visit The Internet in general.

    But I'm pretty sure they've already been there.

    Goddamn, I'm in the mood for an ecumenical debate right now ...

  23. Winona is freak-in-the-bedroom kinda crazy. So hot.



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