Monday, June 22, 2009

8 Pregnant Hotties Of The Day

Monica Bellucci. (Drool.) From


Baby daddy: Male model Gabriel Aubry

Halle pulls off "over 40" and "with child" better than anyone we've seen. Plus, we admire the guts it must have taken to walk into the maternity store and say, "Give me a big stack of the lowest-cut dresses you have."


Baby daddy: Husband Jordan Bratman

She probably won't be getting dirty in any boxing rings for a while, but Xtina hasn't resorted to a housecoat and slippers, either. Plus, there's a good chance her doctor has told her to take out her piercings because of the bun in her oven, which is a plus for guys that aren't into body mods.


Most recent baby daddy: Pop singer Seal

Heidi has already pumped out three offspring, but each time her torso has rapidly reverted to its original toned and insanely hot state. Even when she was ultra-pregnant and hosting Project Runway, she was making maternity clothes look like Victoria's Secret outfits.


Most recent baby daddy: French actor David Charvet

It has been well documented how much we love Brooke. She is someone for whom we would be more than happy to make the long trip to the supermarket at 4 A.M. on a Thursday to get Cheetos and cookie dough.


Baby daddy: Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale

Cute has always been Gwen's thing, so pregnancy really works for her. It just gives her more real estate to fill up with wacky henna tattoos and bracelets. Plus, it put a little color into her otherwise—and we mean this in the sexiest way possible—corpse-like complexion.


Baby daddy: Actor Liev Schreiber

Naomi has always been hot, but a little on the scrawny side for our tastes. Once she got pregnant, she carried that baby weight in all the right places (boobs).


Baby daddy: DJ Eric Calvo

Jaime has the pregnant white trash act down to a science, and there's something really hot about that. She and her arsenal of surprisingly revealing maternity clothes were the main reasons we tuned in to "My Name Is Earl" before the writers' strike put it on hold. Plus, she carries her big belly and huge boobs a lot better than Elvis Presley ever did.


Baby daddy: Actor Vincent Cassel

It probably has something to do with her Italian heritage, but Monica has never been shy about showing off her figure, and pregnancy did nothing to change that. Her nude pregnant magazine shoot made Demi Moore's look about as hot as a Cat Fancy cover by comparison.


  1. Demi Moore was pretty hot when she was pregnant with her girls.

  2. i wouldn't touch christina aguilera with a ten foot pole.

    brooke burke? that woman won the gene pool lottery. she's beautiful in every way, all the time. and heidi klum? don't even get me started. they don't call her "The Body" for nothin'.

  3. Brooke's had a little help from the cosmetic surgeon. Still -- I'd release the Kraken on her.

  4. These are all gorgeous women, pregnant or not! It really ought to be illegal to look as good as Heidi Klum did while pregnant for the zillionth like she was on Project Runway that season.

    Ya know, it's easy enough to look beautiful when you're 4-5 months pregnant, as these ladies clearly were when these pics were taken. At that point, you feel good, you've got the good skin and thick hair, the belly is cute & manageable, clothes still fit....

    You notice you don't see pics of them when they were waddling through their third trimesters? Not as hot, trust me.

  5. Demi's picture was more about artistry than about hotness or sexiness.

    Besides, none of these are even pregnant anymore (except Heidi - again.)

  6. I hate these women. They are not human. Human women have puffy ankles, heartburn and inability to buy cute clothes when they are pregnant. I must admit I think all pregnant women are gorgeous, but these look way way too good. That's why I read the "Enquirer" I can see some of these stars with stretch marks and cellulite once in a while.
    Jealous? Moi?



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