Friday, March 13, 2009

Celebrity Cheapskates Of The Day

Famous people who "squeeze a dollar and make it holler," as my grandmother used to say.

Although Madonna is worth more than $300 million, she is reportedly a notoriously bad tipper. According to the British Mirror, the pop singer and then-husband Guy Ritchie once left an $18 tip on a $400 dollar bill.

Jeremy Piven was banned from the sushi restaurant Nobu Matsuhisa in 2007 for being rude to servers and leaving no tip, according to the New York Daily News. He did not, however, leave his waitress completely empty-handed. "He left a DVD of the first year of 'Entourage' to one of the waiters. [An employee] ran up the stairs and hurled it at him as he was leaving," a source told the Daily News.

Singer Mariah Carey displayed some very diva-like behavior when she reportedly showed up at a New York City restaurant with her entourage after hours, demanding service. According to the New York Post, Carey failed to leave a tip in return.

Though well-known for his gambling habit, sports commentator Charles Barkley is much more frugal when it comes to tipping. According to the Seattle Post-Intellingencer, Barkley once described himself as the second tightest pro tipper in all of sportsdom, after Michael Jordan.

New York waitress Katherine Taylor wrote a novel, Rules for Saying Goodbye, in which she names actor Rupert Everett one of the worst celebrity tippers in the entertainment industry.

Barbra Streisand is known in some circles as a notoriously bad tipper. One account claims that she's not only leaves behind measly tips, she's also rude to the wait staff!

Harrison Ford’s net worth is estimated around $300M, but that doesn’t prevent him from saving wherever he can… even on a date with his girlfriend, Calista Flockhart. InTouch reports: “Calista and I went to the movies and I ordered one adult and one senior citizen…I saved $6.”

Usher is said to have once left his autograph as a tip.

Tiger Woods, who is worth over $500 million, reportedly pulled a mulligan on a $5 tip, re-pocketing the money meant for a waitress after realizing he had tipped on her earlier in the evening. He was possibly distracted by the $10,000 a hand of blackjack he was playing.

Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony flew two charter flights that she never bothered to pay for. A lawsuit has been filed, and being that J-Lo is worth $250 million, it certainly looks good for the unnamed airline company.

The following are from, a website that publishes reports from readers.

Bill Cosby - $3 tip on $375

"Eat your puddin' phlism-phlasm, bism basm, poppin, baaaaaah"

Ricki Lake - $8 on $142

"Can you believe it, after the son ripped through the restaurant and scattered food everywhere. How rude, we tried to keep them happy at all times, feeding and kissing butt. And, that's the thanx we get. Offering a free desert too. Fame,who's the shame."

Bruce Willis - $30 on $450

"The whole party was really rude"

Rachael Ray - $1 on $10

"She is promoting a less than 20% tip on a show that millions of people watch. And she is a CHEF!! I can believe someone in the industry would ever tip less than 20%, which IS the norm these days. She's a straight beast.

Bobby Brown -$10 on $250.00

"He was rude and wanted special items that weren't on the menu. His kids were so badly behaved they dump the sugar out of the package on the table while none of the adults paid any attention."

Britney Spears - $26.00 on $523.20

"Rude to me and my server assistant. She made me run my ass off." (There's also the oldie but goodie story of Brit tossing a valet's tip in change on the ground for him to pick up.)

Sean Penn - $0 on $450.00

"Sean Penn is in New Orleans filming & came into my restaurant with 3 other people. Waited on them hand and foot. The bill $450.00 - the tip: none. Cheapskate."

Maggie Gyllenhaal - $6 on $200.00

"Long story short, she got great service and the owner instructed my manager to comp her entire check, as he is a fan of hers. She thanked me profusely and acted all shocked when I told her that the bill was on the house. I almost fainted when I went out to the table after they'd gone to pick up my tip -- six bucks. "

Kirsten Dunst - $0 on $223.00

She smelled, badly. She wasn't even coherent. The guy she was with had to order for her. Bitches didn't leave a tip!

But wait... they're not all bad.

While shooting his latest film, Public Enemies, in Oshkosh, WI, Johnny Depp and his party enjoyed a meal worth $2600. He reportedly left behind a more-than-generous $1500 tip.

Sources: ABC News, Celebrity LoveToKnow, Cinemablend, Cheaply Yours


  1. Glad I'm reading this before I go into work tonight. Any if these a-holes show up at my bar and I'll let someone else serve them. Except Johnny, of course...but I'm serve him no matter what! -Terps

  2. Piven got a little taste of Karma, what with the whole mercury poison thing.

    Maggie G needs a good waxing.

  3. What the heck's with that weird pic of Maggie G? hahaha
    Anyway, I hate Rachael Ray and her cheap ass lousy tipping idiocy.

  4. I love you Johnny Depp, come back to Wisconsin ANYTIME!!!!

    WOT a doll! :-D

  5. I don't tip well if the wait staff sucks.

  6. Just another reason to leap on Johnny Depp and snog him within an inch of his life. :)

  7. You know, Sean Penn, it might be nice if you put your money where your big old mouth is.
    Shame on you.

  8. I can't hear "tipping" without thinking about Reservoir Dogs.

    Mr. Pink: I don't tip because society says I have to.

  9. Just another reason to LOVE Johnny Depp:) The rest of those folks oughta be ashamed. I tip unless the service is so horrendous that I have to complain to the manager, but that is not the norm. I used to deliver pizzas. You would not believe the people who thought it was an acceptable tip to tell me to keep the change from a $20 bill on an order that was $19.94.

    You should never ever treat those who handle your food or do your hair poorly;)

  10. Yeah, I can't be shocked about Depp. He's notoriously lovely and gracious. I'm actually not even a fan of his films, but still, by all accounts he's a great person.

    The others should fall down a sewer hole. For shame.

    1. heard Johnny Depp always stops to sign autographs...
      unlike others who think we should prostrate before them

  11. i guess it goes to show that money doesn't buy class. most if not all of these folks was a nobody and probably struggled before making it big. you would think that they would remember being one the little people.

    i once woked as a busser in a very high end seafood place and the richer and the ruder the patrons were it almost always guaranteed to be the worst tippers.

  12. I used to waitress at a nightclub in Chicago during the Bulls heyday (1994-1996). A lot of the players would come up to the VIP room where I worked and would order a huge round of drinks that I would have to balance on a tray. I always loathed it when it was Scottie Pippen who would pay because he would tip 2-3 bucks on a $150-200 order. And he was a dick too. He's notorious for this in the serving industry and is called "No Tippin Pippen." And John Cusack is a cheap dick too.

  13. Worked as a bartender in a Japanese restaurant for a while in Augusta, GA. During the Masters Golf Tournament one year, Ian Woosnam & Nick Faldo "graced" us with their cheap-ass presence. The Japanese chefs - major golfers & big fans - fell all over themselves trying to please these guys. The result? Zip, zero, nada, bupkiss. I think we began to automatically include 18% on select dinner tabs after that. In our case, it was well-justified - the servers and chefs always went out of their way to provide excellent service.

    Having worked in the food service industry, I tip a minimum of 20% for good service (and I'm as poor as a shithouse mouse). Bad service - because it's still table service - gets 10-15%. If you can't/won't/don't tip properly, keep your sorry ass home!

  14. Most of these sound very anecdotal.

    Most of the time I tip 20-25%. A good waiter or waitress deserves that, and most of them are pretty good.

    But bad, rude, uncaring staff deserve less. I've been known to leave a dollar in protest, along with a complaint to management. If I was famous, I imagine that that one time would label me as a cheapskate.

  15. I worked for a notorious tightwad named Daryl once, and he took us out for lunch one day as a farewell for someone who was leaving the company. Food & service were fine, but he paid for the bill only - no tip.

    But wait, there's more: The guy sitting next to Daryl must have felt bad, so he took a $40 out for a tip - from his own wallet - and put it on the table. Darly then said "Whoa, whoa! That's too much for a tip!", POCKETED THE $40, then left a few dollar coins (I'm Canadian) as the tip. Everybody just sat there, completely dumbfounded.

  16. I wonder how many of those checks had the grat included in them?

  17. I don't believe the one about Bruce Willis. He's been known to come into the casino where I used to work and tip VERY WELL.

    At another casino, a cocktail server was tipped generously by one of J Lo's people. Apparently, J Lo felt it was too generous and she took it back. Reached across the table and grabbed it off of the server's tray.

  18. This probably won't be a popular comment and before you eat me up and spit me out I have spent my fair share on the server side of the table. I never expected a certain amount as a tip based on a customer's check. I looked at my tips as a compliment on the service.

    So probably because of that background I believe in rewarding good service but I have a problem with tying the amount of that reward to the price I pay for the food. That has little to do with the service and when it does, the tip reflects it. Example: I order a light lunch for a total of $10. Not much service, no need for anything special, they take the order, drop off the food, maybe refill a soda. Tip? 20% would be $2.00 but I'd probably leave $3 if the server was at least friendly. Same place, same time, but hungrier so a more substantial meal, $25. Same service, take the order, drop off the food, refill a soda. But now the expected tip is a minimum of $5 and they didn't do anything extra! Why does the tip go up if I order a $20 entree as opposed to a $5-7 sandwich?? What does the cost of the food have to do with the service?

    Now if there is more involved in what I order (like at a fondue restaurant) or I ask for things I forgot about (extra sauce for something, extra napkins, a recook, etc) or for things that are out of the ordinary, then I'm inclined to add a bit but it's based on SERVICE!

    And one place I have been to a few times just upped their prices... one or two items just jumped from $9.95 to $12.50. So now the amount I'm expected to tip on that item jumps 50 cents because the restaurant raised their prices? What does that have to do with the service???

  19. Having worked in the food service industry and having done custom sewing work for people, which include celebrities - I can tell you that many of those with wealth do not appreciate or value the service you provide them. They act like its owed to them, just because they are famous or have money.

    I once did a custom baby bag for a celebrity mom who has a reputation for being a bitch, but she was the nicest most appreciative person who really valued my work. Another celebrity that people believe to be so sweet and gracious - a horror to work with. She wanted something expensive, but she wanted to pay Kmart prices.

  20. You know, it is interesting how things like this work. There was actually a study done that concluded that the more a table spends on food, the tip is usually much less and the less money spent on food, the more the tip usually is.

  21. ps Cary, I think I love your Gramma.

  22. I knew I loved johnny.
    I was a lil tired of him after my middle school obsession, but the love is back!

  23. TBB - you would've, she was a nut and said the funniest things. One time in college I went to visit her and had eaten a cheeseburger with onions on the way there. When I got there and she went to kiss me, I said, you might not want to kiss me, I've been eating onions. She said, Honey, I'd kiss you if you had cat dookie on your lips!

    Loved that woman. She died in 2001 and I still think about her every single day.

  24. I rarely leave less than 20% but that is because I logged many hours as a waitress in my early years. I am always very polite to wait staff unless they are totally ignorant in which case I will go as low as 10%.

    I do believe that every human being on earth (or at least in countries where wait staff make less than minimum wage) should be required to wait tables for at least 6 months.

    When I become Queen of the US fully intend that this will become law.

    I adore Johnny Depp and so glad to know this. I also formerly loved Cusack and in fact own all of his movies on DVD but more and more I hear how he is a total dick.

    Anyone want to buy a cheapo used Cusack DVD?

  25. Cusack is absolutely a dick in real life.

  26. I always tip well because I am so grateful that I've never had to wait tables. I can see how hard the waitstaff is working. I went to a fancy restaurant's Sunday champagne brunch with a really good looking guy one time. We got fantastic service and the food was great. I had such a good time that I took my Mom there a couple of weeks later. We got squat. The busgirl paid more attention to us than our waitperson did. She got tipped well, the waitperson didn't.
    People say that two women eating together are the worst tippers, maybe that's because they get poor service!

  27. I tip pretty decent even if they suck ass. I'm the poorest person ever, yet I always tip at least 25%, but I go to chain restaurants so it's not that expensive. ;-) I just tip what I'd like to be tipped.

  28. The richer they are, the more out of touch they are w/ reality (as in how hard it is to make a living on less than $5 an hour as a server - tips are EVERYTHING). Selfish, greedy, cheap as hell. Honestly, I don't know why anyone in the service industry would even bother to hustle for a celebrity, ever. Screw 'em!

  29. Interesting!

    Cusack is a dick? Damn! I guess those cynical & bitter characters he plays aren't too much of a stretch.

    But, Johnny Depp - now there's a celebrity I can enjoy on many levels. Also, meow!

  30. I love Johnny Depp too...we're good judges of character!

    I'm a big tipper for good service (25%) and will leave a decent tip (15%) even for poor service, unless the server is a total ass. Then I get a big kick out of making a statement by leaving a very small tip. (A couple nickels and some pocket lint)

    I think every celeb who leaves lousy tips should work as a wait-person for a couple weeks. It should be a law!

  31. For some reason...I hate Jeremy Piven the most. Maybe cause he and I look a lot alike...he is my Jewish Brother. Now I hate him for tipping poorly...being a butthole is fine...but not tipping well after wards is unforgivable.

  32. What bugs me is when the gratuity is tacked on even before you order something. I'm not talking about parties of 6 or more...I mean the nice little italicised notes at the bottom that say, 15% gratuity added.

    So I'm tipping before they've even done anything. Which always inspires me to make unearthly demands of the server (I want this radish ROSETTED!)
    and asking for extra napkins and cutlery every 10 minutes because I want to build a little fort with a high fork fence.

    We once had really horrific service at a place in Sterling, Scotland. The waitress made us wait 20 minutes before even taking the order, then brought the drinks 30 minutes later. The appetizers came out AFTER the meal with no apologies, and she just took the payment from us, leaving the change on the counter for us to collect ourselves.

    We left a 1 pound coin dead center on the table. The bill came to 45 pounds. Even then I thought it was too much.

    And yes, I have worked in the food service industry and know what demeaning and soul crushing work it is.

  33. This is why I read LOTD. I always learn something new.

    Today I learned that my 1980s crush John Cusack is cheap and a dick.

    I now have to go and break up with him.

    P.S. I ALWAYS tip 20%. I've never had service that was so bad it warranted stiffing the waitstaff. We never know what's going on in someone else's life, so I err on the side of compassion.

  34. Bitter and mean, that was my job as the surley bar tender in the neighborhood. John Cusack came in to drink before he became popular and was just a regular ass hole. But, when he became famous he became a bigger dick. He actually came in sat a the bar in a ski mask for an hour or two so no one would know who he was...what a ass.

    I never had the pleasure of serving any of the Bulls but several of my friends did and they were all cheap and Jordan & Pippin lead the way.

    BTW, the guys from Phish were very nice, I had no clue who they were until someone told me. Same for Chris Farley.

  35. I always thought Sean Penn was an ass -- now I have proof!

  36. Johnny Depp is a good guy. The other low/non-tipper celebs are deadbeats.

  37. I probably shouldn't say this, but I used to be a stripper in Hollywood. Mick Jagger came in once. He held out his crumpled, grimy dollar like he expected me to grovel for it. I snorted and walked away from him. I have never spent another penny on anything related to him or the Stones.

    Also Brad Pitt came in once and he was a little more generous - a whopping seven dollars my whole set. Wow! I did not pay him any more attention than the one other guy at the stage.

  38. Thanks for giving me one more reason to love Johnny Depp!

  39. I have to say that, politics aside, Rush Limbaugh is the most gracious guest and most generous tipper I've had in my 25 years as a server. And I'm a democrat ! I worked at one of the high-end french restaurants in DC, he came in with a lady friend, spent $3,700 for the meal ( 3,400 of that was a bottle of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti 2002), and left a $ 2000 tip. Now, that's class...

  40. Wow i tip %20 and I am definately not rich, its crazy a millionaire is soo cheap. I guess they think they are better than the waiter or waitress, shame on them. Good character is more important than your status and money. Johnny Depp has good character...



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