Friday, March 6, 2009

371 Euphemisms For Female Masturbation, 256-371 (NSFW)

Part 3 of 3. I don't know about you, but I'm sad it's over.

Scoring the hoop
Scraping the cheese off the taco
Scratching the patch
Scratching where it itches
Searching for Ms. "G"
Seasoning your fish
Secret vice
Sending Muffin Morse Code
Shaking hands with Mr. Paul
Shaking the dew off the lily
Shining the diamond
Shooting hoops
Shooting the rapids
Shucking the fresh water clam
Shucking the oyster
Slappin' the crack
Slapping slit
Slapping Susie
Slapping the flap
Slapping the mackerel
Slapping the meat curtain
Slapping the skunk guts
Slicing pie
Sliding down the chute
Sliding into home
Slob the knob
Soaking in Palmolive
Soaking the whisker biscuit
Softening the peach
Spanking the spot
Spanking your puppy on the nose
Spearing the bearded clam
Spelunking in the hairy caves
Spelunking in the mystery cave
Splashing in the sea
Squeezing the peach
Steaming the oyster
Stiffening my upper lip
Stinky pinky
Stirring it up
Stirring the honey pot
Stirring the pudding
Stirring the sauce
Stirring the soup
Stoking the furnace
Stroking the box
Strumming the banjo
Strumming the big open C
Surfing the channel
Surfing the Slippery Sea
Surfing the web
Sweeping the chimney
Swimming in the crimson lake
Swimming in the Pu-Tang River
Swimming in the Red Sea
Takin' it to tuna town
Taking a dip
Taking a dip in the lake
Taking advantage of yourself
Taking the German u-boat into port
Tapping the tuna
Teasing the kitty
Teasing the little man in the canoe
Teasing the tuna
Teasing the tuna taco
Tending your own garden
Testing the plumbing
Testing your waters
The disappearing finger trick
The girly gusher
The magical disappearing finger trick
The ole feel n' squeal
The other monthly visitor
The two-fingered tango
The virgin's release
Tickling the kitty
Tickling the pearl
Tickling the taco
Tickling your fancy
Tiptoe through the TwoLips
Toggling the bit
Tossing the pink salad
Touching your tigeress
Touching your tuna
Touring Tasmania (triangular shaped Australian island)
Tracing the vertical smile
Trolling the Bermuda Triangle
Twiddling your twat
Twinkling the little star
Twirlin' the pearl
Two-finger taco tango
Two-finger typing
Unclogging the drain
Visiting Niagra Falls
Visiting with Father Thumb and his four sons
Visiting your safety deposit box
Wading in the Bermuda Triangle
Walking Downtown
Washing my hands
Washing your fingers
Waxing the canoe
Waxing the milk duds
Weaving the carpet
Whipping your cream
Whipping your nest
White knuckling
Working in the garden
Working out at the Y
Wrinkling fingers


  1. Scraping the cheese off the taco! Brilliant! Although with all of this... stimulation, I'm thinking that I might need to take a nap this afternoon... *yawn*

  2. So, none of you yo-yos thinks women came up with all these terms, so you?

    1. You do realize that many females, including those of my association, use these and worse right..? Humorous vulgarity is not just the purview of Male "Yo-Yos..."

    2. My female friends use these and worse... Humorous Vulgarity is not just the purview of Male "Yo-Yos..."

  3. I rather like the term Shebopping.

    "Palmolive? You're soaking in it!"

  4. That's today's polite term for "stupid men." ;)

  5. I need a tissue.

    Um, because I'm upset that it's over. That's why.

  6. Hahahahaha thats awesome! Thats seriously an awesome list. LMAO!

  7. ... I have a sudden craving for Milk Duds and midgets...

  8. my sister asked me yesterday if it would be considered sexual harassment if a midget told me my hair smelled nice. . .

  9. "Indiana Bone in the Temple of Poon."



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