Friday, January 23, 2009

31 Celebrity Drunks Of The Day

A raise of the glass to a few celebs who've been known to raise a few of their own. I would list every celebrity drunk, but I don't think Blogger has the server capacity.

Judy Garland

Kelsey Grammer

Tara Reid

Spencer Tracy

Fred "Rerun" Berry

Jason Robards

Edie Falco

Dick Van Dyke

Belinda Carlisle

Richard Burton

Lynda Carter

Keith Moon (The Who)

Stephen King

William Holden

Brett Butler

Henry Fonda

Alexander Gudonov (Die Hard, Witness)

Craig Ferguson

Oliver Reed

Carrie Fisher


Billy Joel

Larry Hagman

Yancy Butler ("Witchblade")

Robin Williams

Mel "I own Malibu" Gibson

Lily Allen

Keith Urban

Eddie Van Halen

Drew Barrymore

Charlie Sheen


  1. Is that picture of Oliver Reed from a movie, or just some random Friday night?

  2. Lynda Carter was a drunk? Really? Then how the hell did she leap that fountain without falling over?

  3. It looks like his choice of lifestyle has taken quite a toll on Eddie Van Halen. Makes you wonder what Valerie Bertinelli ever saw in him.

  4. I used to think Eddie was the CUTEST when I was in 8th grade. Had a big ole poster of him on my bedroom wall, even wrote old Valerie a letter saying how lucky she was.

    Time has not been kind to him, has it.

  5. Oh. My. Eddie Van Halen has already started to decay and he's still alive. Yikes.

  6. The juxtaposition of Lynda Carter's picture with the others is hilarious. Say it ain't so, Wonder Woman!

  7. That's also just a particularly bad picture of Eddie. He didn't look this bad when I saw him in concert last year.

    They all have my sympathy. Addiction is a mother.

  8. OMG! I am going to have nightmares tonight about Eddie Van Halen. Wow--he's the poster boy for why one shouldn't drink and drug.

    I didn't know about Edie Falco.

  9. I should point out that most of these folks are in recovery.

    The dead ones have completed their recovery.

  10. yea yancy lost her plum of a role in witchblade because she couldn't control her problem. what a shame. i really liked her in that too.

    the only surprise is henry fonda. i actually didn't know that. he was always mr. good guy to me. but then again he did shock everyone with his stunning portrayal of the cold blooded killer in once upon a time in the west, from which the pic here is from.

    tara and oliver's pics look like they are already pretty toasty.

    i have always had the hots for richard burton. he could have passed out at my house any day of the week.

  11. I bet Larry Hagman threw some kickass parties.

  12. i loved charlie sheen in ferris bueller's day off...

  13. Dick Van Dyke = Penis Van Lesbian

  14. Stephen King? I did not know that.

    I loves me some Keith Urban. I don't care what kind of shape he's in.

  15. "The dead ones have completed their recovery."

    It's doughnut day at work and now I have sprinkles all over my keyboard. Thanks, Cary.

  16. Eddie Van Halen has a nasty case of Keith Richards goin' on... which is a shame, because I remember him as being so happy and full of life...

    I'm glad my struggles with my demons were not conducted in the glare of the national spotlight. Bad enough in the glare of the local tavern...

  17. Honorable Mentions:

    Richard Harris
    Peter O'Toole
    Ace Frehley

  18. MtnMama - same here.

    PK - no, it was Bill Daly who threw the wild parties.

    Jackster - ha! His brother Jerry is a jackass.


    and Stephen King? That might explain a few things....

  20. Dean Martin - recovery complete.

  21. news from nashville:

    keith urban is clean now. right after marriage with nicole, she put his ass in rehab.

  22. I still cannot believe what Eddy Van Halen looks like...he used to be amazingly hot.

  23. I have to say Lynda Carter and Stephen King were a shock to me! And I am a HUGE King fan! I feel for them. I couldn't imagine having every little mistake I made splashed across the tabloids for the whole world to see. Maybe that is why there seems to be so much addiction in Hollyweird.

  24. I think the Eddie Van Halen picture was taken shortly after his appearance on The Simpsons

  25. who the hell is Lily Allen and where did she come from?

  26. Mitch, that was just wrong. Now I have to clean the coffee off my keyboard I barked out when I hit your clip tag...lord you people are funny! Thanks again, Cary!

  27. Wow! Some of these are a total surprise to me.

  28. Don't forget that Eddie had cancer and was treated. I also have cancer and you should see me now - no hair, no eyebrows, 50 pound weight loss - look like death warmed over. And that's from the treatment - not the disease.

    What did Valerie see in Eddie? $$$

    George Thorogood kicked a serious Budweiser habit. One scotch, one bourbon and multiple beers.

  29. I knew Stephen King was a druggie, but didn't know he was a drunk too. I don't care, I love him anyway!!

    Dick VanDyke is a shocker. Seemed like a goodie two-shoes to me.

  30. Wow! Some of these are a surprise, but what the heck, I surprised myself. :)

  31. Someone else mentioned it already, but Peter O'toole and Richard Harris should be on there. In fact they, along with Oliver Reed and Richard Burton, can pretty much drink the rest of these pansy lightweights under the table. Well... "used to." Cuz, they're dead and stuff, so they're not drinking anything. Except for Peter. He's still kicking around and telling great stories. To Peter!!! Literally the last man standing.

    If you haven't read this, then I suggest you do now. Then you'll know that every totally great awesome wild drunk story you think you have pales in comparison. Bow down to the masters.:

    Born to Raise Hell, by Robert Sellers, Part I.

    Part II.

    Part III - Richard Harris.

    Part IV - Peter O'Toole.

  32. My husband had the honor of getting drunk with Burton, Harris and O'Toole at a pub in London years ago. Apparently it's a time honored tradition that after getting drunk and pub crawling they always peed in the Thames. Never a shrinking violet, the mister did indeed engage in a pissing contest with them. Apparently the other hilight of the evening was Richard Burton standing on at table reciting Shakespeare!

  33. Ah... Richard Harris... give me an Irish middle child any day... and Peter O'Toole IS still awesome. (anyone catch him on the Daily Show?) Richard Burton never did anything for me, but I'd have given a lot to be at that table, especially for the stories and the Shakespeare! (Add in Sean Connery, and I'd be floating on air)

  34. Some of these I didn't know, but didn't surprise me. Edie Falco and Lynda Carter surprised me.

    I feel badly for all of them. Yeah.

    And man, I LOVED Jason Robards, even if he was a total dick.

  35. Jason Robards was a dick? I liked him, too, but somehow that doesn't surprise me.

  36. Lily Allen is a rock star from the UK. She's awesome.

    I would love to get trashed with Kelsey Grammer.

  37. You forgot Amy Whinehouse ;) lol

  38. Some of those are actually surprising. I had no clue.

  39. Dick Van Dyke has an addiction treatment center named after him here in Central New York.

  40. Haha...the Hoff...I take it you've seen the video his daughter took of him on youtube? Hilarious watching him try to eat a burger...gotta love that craptacular stuff!

  41. You forgot every single member of the Rat Pack.



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