Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SNL Clip Of The Day: J.I.M.P.

Filthy Tuesday continues with this soon-to-be-classic SNL piece. From AntBee and Nicolle.


Maybe they can make a cake or something.

Commercial Of The Day (Video): Wienerschnitzel

Huh, wieners aren't usually this hard to catch, especially in a dorm. Mine sure wasn't; it would pretend to trip and fall so the woman could catch it and nurse it back to health.

From Frank
. No pun intended.


Craigslist Ad Of The Day: You Got Tasered

Love at first sight. From Josh L.

best of craigslist > dallas >

You were being shoved into a Dallas Police car. - m4w

Date: 2008-08-14, 8:58AM CDT

I shouted "fuck the police"...you made the black panther fist. You got tasered, I got goosebumps. Your hair is very pretty. Let's chat after you make bail.

  • Location: Dallas

PostingID: 796258913

FAILs Of The Day, Vol. 2

Another chance to laugh at the misfortunes of others. Why? Because we can, and it's what they would want anyway.

From Berit, Keva and Bubbasmom (via Failblog.org and other unknown sources).

If you missed Volume 1, it's right here, dawg.

15 "A-Team" Episode Titles

These are almost as good as the stuff Quinn Martin used to come up with. From James S. and WFMU.
  • Say It With Bullets
  • Mexican Slayride
  • Black Day at Bad Rock
  • The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas
  • The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing
  • Recipe For Heavy Bread
  • Chopping Spree
  • Bullets and Bikinis
  • Waste 'Em!
  • Beverly Hills Assault
  • A Lease With an Option to Die
  • Blood, Sweat, and Cheers
  • The Say U.N.C.L.E. Affair
  • The Crystal Skull
  • The Spy Who Mugged Me
Source: WFMU.org

Crappy Local Commercials Of The Day

Vern Fonk Insurance in the Seattle/Tacoma area has some of the worst local commercials you'll ever see. Here's a small selection from CollegeGirl, who doesn't come around anymore. I hope it's not because it took me seven months to post her submission. Hey, better late than never.









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