Friday, November 7, 2008

Classic Commercial Of The Day: Ortega

Shawn Johnson likes it. A lot.

Link from the nefarious Steve Hatchett.


Music Video Of The Day: Toe Jam

Well, this is clever. In a frustrating sort of way.

There's a higher-res version HERE if you think you might catch a nip slip or something, ya perv.

Vid Of The Day: Jar Barf

I stole this from Lefty and Mel's OurTube blog.

October Mugshot Roundup

Oh, the humanity...

Is it cold in there or is he she it just glad to see us?

3. Guy who gets arrested in a stupid shirt

For Luscious, the most humiliating part of being arrested was being called by her real name, Lattrell, in front of the other prisoners.

Crypt Keeper busted. Film at 11.

And I'm sure you do, often

I have a book called Bleachy Haired Honky Bitch. Now I have a face to go with it.

"I ain't never taken a drink in my life, I swear it!"

Roy always had a cheery disposition, even after getting his ass kicked by the Pillsbury Doughboy

So he can let his 10-year-old son drive him home

Whatcha in for, Cousin It?

Those curlers will make all the difference

Woman walks into a bar, bartender says, "Hey, why the giant fucking square head?"

Raymond made almost $300 selling copies of The Watchtower before he got nabbed. No one told him he was supposed to give it away.

If you have to be arrested, might as well do it in something comfy like your favorite velcro onesie.

If that's blessed, I'm afraid to see cursed

When he finally left his trailer after 45 years, Tobias was shocked to learn that: 1) the South had not risen again, and 2) passing Confederate money is illegal.

Sucks to be you, dude.

I bet they put "Fuck Cops" in a cell with this guy

Miss Teen Louisiana

Dale got all his glasses at Lens Crappers

The good news: the fire was extinguished before it could spread

I'd be pissed too if my little beard didn't cover my extra chin

Paul Giamatti tries drag, fails.

October Engrish Roundup

Another month of mistranslation merriment.

Quick, which way to McDonald's?

Ha ha, look at the stupid chicken in the lemon sauce!

Square. Really.

Our best plices of the yeal!

Use the hippos, they're much more comfortable

How much for "boat comes back to dock"?

You've had it. You just didn't know it.

But not a homophobe

Return the sewing kit or we cap the housekeeper

Based in my back yard

No, not good sense for ball to meet my organ.

Does anyone have a beef they want to discuss?

Delivery various taste. Sometimes cardboard, sometimes ass. But let's try eat.

We recommend a running start

But in a happy hearts and rainbows sort of way

I like to break off the fingers and dip them in the ginger sauce

No thanks, my feet act drunk half the time already.

A rare look into Mr. T's closet

Erection party. Everyone's coming!

If you can read this, it's too late

Crust. The once-a-year toothpaste.

Someone order a bigot?

Where Madonna shops

My Yahoo Answer Of The Day: Nosy


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