Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Diet I Like Of The Day

Here's a diet I can get behind. From VeryShortList.com

Bad news: Reading this e-mail might make you eat too much.

According to a new study by Canadian psychologists, the mere act of focusing the brain causes people to lose control at the buffet table. When the researchers forced a group of undergraduates to work at summarizing a near-incomprehensible text — and let them choose what to eat for lunch — the students consumed hundreds more calories than students allowed to relax and daydream. (While the mind is often referred to as a muscle, the intense thinkers burned only three more calories per hour than the people who were allowed to space out.)

The research builds on previous experiments showing that giving the brain an intense workout leads people to let down their guard and eat foods (like chocolate-chip cookies) that they normally try to avoid.

The best diet, then, may include a great deal of laziness.

Vid Of The Day: Vote?

A different sort of voting appeal, from Emmi.

Note: The video is a parody, but contains material that some might find offensive, even in jest.


Politicians In Drag (Of The Day)

Scary. From TheMovieGuru and Worth1000.com.

Posts will be limited today, as I spend the day running errands with my child, who has no school. I don't remember ever getting Election Day off, do you? But no matter -- we'll have fun.

I've already voted, and, as I've done in every Presidential election over the last 25 years, I wrote in Joe Walsh as my choice. I have a feeling this could be his year.


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